8 Reasons Why you need to visit India This Year

Blessed by nature, India attracts a substantial number of tourists. It takes a lot for a country to leave long-lasting impression on its visitors and India does so. Tourists across the globe want to visit India once in a lifetime to explore and experience the diverse culture of this nation.

Over the years, India has developed tremendously concerning tourism and has introduced many incredible things to make your tour to India mesmerizing.

Here is a list of 8 reasons explaining why one should visit this vibrant country this year:

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Rich History

India has been ruled by many Britishers, Mughols, and Kings, since centuries. That’s the reason this country has never-ending historical monuments and stories behind it that would sustain your interest. In the golden triangle tour of India that cover three states—Delhi, Agra, and Jaipur— you’ll come across one of the popular 7 wonders of the world, “Taj Mahal”, which is the sign of true love and has a unique history that captures most of the tourism. More so, recently India has also introduced world’s tallest statue- Sardar Vallabhai Patel (a freedom fighter) in Gujarat- which is attracting a number of tourists.

Land of spirituality and religions

Well, India is the second largest populated country in the world, but it truly shows the meaning of “Unity in Diversity”. You will observe people of every religion here staying with so much love and unity. Every Indian, regardless of their religion, treats the guest with great devotion and respect. This gesture of Indians is extremely loved by the tourist. Besides, you will also find innumerable temples, mosques, gurudwaras, and churches, each with historical stories and beauty.

Land of nature

India is well-recognized for its natural beauty.  Ample green trees and giant forests in the northern region makes India the right place for nature lovers. During seasons, you can visit the forest area in India and see different bird species flying in the sky or gathering on the tall trees. Beneath the sea, you would experience a mesmerizing world of sea life with diverse fishes that are eye-striking. On the top of hills, you can breathe the peace alongside fresh air and release carbon dioxide and stress of your life.

Economical Trip

Visiting India is inexpensive and the recent drop in INR, allow you to have a luxury tour to India. You can get flight tickets at cheaper rates along with stay in hotel and food has always been cheap in India. You don’t need to  save much if you are planning to visit India. You can explore this country in your salary only.

Land of spices

India is a leading exporter of spices to developed countries in the world. You will discover a variety of spices in India, organically as well as in food. This vibrant country is known for its vibrant food offering that truly reflects culture and religion. Every state in this country has its own unique specialty that is a must-have for every tourist.

Land of adventures

You just speak the name of an adventure and you will find it in minimum two places of this country. Starting from paragliding to bungee jumping to river rafting, India offers best adventure sport for people. All the adventure freaks can explore this country and enjoy the sport along with beauty of nature around the location.

Land of performing arts

Undoubtedly, India is a land of performing arts, starting from kuchipudi, kathak, bharatnatyam to theatre drama this country has nailed every aspect in performing arts. This talent of Indians has brought this nation to international recognition over the years.

Land of unique products

Are you a shopaholic, always curious to collect unique things? India is an ideal destination for you! You can find pieces of heaven in the shopping market of this country as people in India are very much talented and perfect in their work, which is reflected in their product. This nation is known for handloom products and you can find a wide range of hand-made art in every state of India.


Reasons are innumerable that why one should visit India this year, but we have e listed a few above. Let’s keep rest in suspense, which will be revealed once you are in this holy, incredible, and spectacular country!

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