From Crack Addict to Successful Independent Musician


By Pete Gianinni –

Where I’ve been to where I’m at today has been one crazy ride. It’s truly amazing to say I’m still around to do anything at all. It wasn’t long ago I was a complete drug induced disaster. I went from a family man with a small business, beautiful home, amazing wife, and great kids to a man with no business, no home, and a very upset and hurt family.

Incredibly enough the family I mostly destroyed was still there to pick me up and start me on my path to a great life. It was and will always be a road of recovery, but yes, the road gets smoother each and every day. Starting with the basics, no more drugs. That, of course, is easier said than done. You really have to get yourself surrounded with positive people, places, and things. If you think you’re going to stay clean while hanging out with your friends that still use or hang out at the house that you know they sell drugs out of you are sadly mistaken.

For me, getting my head straight with counseling was the first step. I needed someone to talk to and give me the tools to cope with what I had lost touch with; life and reality. Really working on how to feel good about myself was tough just knowing what I had done to my family hurt me deeply. Finding peace, calm, and serenity is when I found Buddhism. I needed the thought and confidence of knowing that I was better than that person I used to see in the mirror that always looked sick and near death because of the drug use. The person whose wife and children would cry because they couldn’t do anything other than watch me slowly die.

The people involved in my sobriety are the ones that truly saved me. Friends, family, doctors, co-workers, and band mates— they all play a part whether they know it or not. Some people are willing and aware to help and some are just there.

Another huge thing that plays a role in my continued sobriety is my band Chaser Eight. Yes, I had played with other bands and musicians in the past, but none that I have been able to make me feel as fulfilled as I am now. Some time ago I was asked by *AUDRA*, lead singer of Chaser Eight, to join as the full time drummer. Of course I wanted in with the opportunity to be a part of something that had focus, clear goals, structure, and positivity. A big part of staying clean is keeping your mind busy and with Chaser Eight my brain is busy. The chance to be as creative as I want with my writing, our live performances, and the overall atmosphere of the band is amazing.

So, if you’re on the sober train and have an opportunity like the one I’ve been given, take it! Chaser Eight is a big part of my new life and being the best man I can be with me putting so much of my time, energy, dedication, and focus into the band.

If what I’ve said can reach one person and help them on a path to something better than a life of addiction and disappointment that means one better life, and I’ll take that.

By Pete Giannini, drummer for the band Chaser Eight. Pete has made a major transformation. He was formerly addicted to crack, costing him his business and his house. But his love for music helped him to persevere and he is on a positive path towards maintaining sobriety and success because of his work with Chaser Eight.

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