A Power Tool For Self-Improvement – The Metaphoric Logo

superman logo“With all the power that metaphors wield over our lives, the scary part is that most of us have never consciously selected the metaphors with which we represent things to ourselves.” – Anthony Robbins

With a single image, a metaphor can represent an entire concept. Perfect examples of that would be the cross, the flag or even the logo of any corporation. Logos or metaphors are very powerful communication agents. A simple image can inspire anything from pride to shame as it can elevate the heart or crush the spirit. It can say more than a thousand words could yet it can be fully grasped in the flash of the eye.

The metaphoric logo is actually a power tool. A tool that can accomplish much more and say much more in an instant than would otherwise be possible by taking hours while using other means of communication. Not only does it have the capacity to work faster but it can also leave a profound and indelible mark on the psyche that would not be possible through other means.

In the art and science of self-improvement, the metaphoric logo is particularly effective in what could be called self-branding. That is where a specific image is used to represent who we are. The practice is often used on forum sites where members use an avatar, instead of an actual photo, to represent themselves.

Usually the avatar represents some characteristics by which the member may be identified much the same way that an organization or a corporation will chose a logo to represent itself.

The avatar or logo will stimulate the imagination and create an entire concept around a single image. A good example of that is the ways that Americans utilize the Bald Eagle as a national symbol. Without using a single word, that Eagle represents strength, power, freedom and most of that Nation’s values.

By choosing and identifying with an image that represents certain qualities that we would like to acquire a symbiosis occurs and a transformation takes place at the subliminal level. It’s a well-known and proven fact that we tend to gravitate toward whatever we identify with.

The phenomena of transformation through association is often seen in people who join new groups or association. In a matter of months the transformation, for better or for worse, can be staggering. The internal mechanism works the same for an imaginary association as it does for a genuine or real one.

To a large extent, we are the product of what we perceive ourselves to be. Our perceived identity determines our behavior. By changing that identity through image association we also change our behavior and the course of our lives.

The transformational process through identification with an image is a simple one. First an image that represents our ideal-self must be found. In some cases it might be an animal, an object or any symbol that is representative. Then that image must be place where it can be easily seen many times throughout the day. Soon, as if per magic, an association will build up. The representative image starts a subliminal transformation of the way that the person sees himself and the change in self-perception operates automatically.

Metaphors, logos, avatars and self-branding are power tools at our disposal. They are just waiting for us to use them in a constructive and self-improving way. Find yours and see miracles at happen.

Dr. Raymond Comeau aka Shamou is the Author of ShamouBlog and Owner Administrator of Personal Development for Personal Success Forums

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