A revolution in sound technology

Some theories of creation of the universe say sound was one of the primary forces behind the entire thing.  They believe a primordial force spoke the universe into existence.  Later theories of cosmology say the first sound waves left their imprint on the universe.  We acknowledge that sound and the conscious part of the brain which perceives it, are intertwined in the physics of matching vibrations. Sound affects brain waves, and may even affect the brain’s output – our thoughts. Let’s look at how sound technology can assist your meditation and enhance your intuition.

What is binaural sound?

We all hear about binaural beats and if you think it’s a new-age fad, you are not alone.  In truth,  the first binaural recordings came the 70s and 80s. A typical binaural recording unit has two high-fidelity microphones mounted in a dummy head, inset in ear-shaped molds to fully capture all of the audio frequency adjustments known as head-related transfer functions.

In 1974 Sennheiser introduced the first clip-in binaural microphones,  using the recordist’s own head.   

In the years to follow, scientists studied the effect these recordings produce in the human brain.  They wanted to understand the process, not only the impact on auditory perception but on brainwaves and the subsequent effect on thoughts.

How we make binaural recordings 

Binaural recording is not stereo but requires stereo headphones to feel the full effect of it. These specialized recordings are made using two different frequencies (usually 10 Hz-30 Hz apart), fed into each ear. The two frequencies when heard through stereo headphones, produce a third focal point for the sound. This is usually a midpoint between the two frequencies.  It is a method for achieving a 3-D effect in the reproduction of the sound and may give the effect as being in the same room as the source of the sound. You experience 360-degree sound.

The power of sound

The stimulation and synchronization of the left and right hemispheres of the brain affect the thought processes significantly .  During states of deep meditation, the brain’s waves produce synchronized waves in the left and right hemispheres. Consequently, the effect of producing synchronized sound waves on higher cognitive function through manipulating brainwaves results in improved intuitive thought process. A clarity in the pre-cognitive brainwaves formed by combining left and right brain functions results in accessing the intuitive mind.

During meditation, for example, the corpus callosum (the bridge of nerve connections between left and right hemispheres) becomes simulated and synchronized.  Therefore, you can turn on this effect and duplicate it with practice.   The overall effect of practice is like that of getting any form of regular exercise. You get better and stronger at it.

Binaural beats and neural entrainment

A process called neuroplasticity makes new neurons and retrains existing neurons into behaviors that are exercised regularly. 

A phenomenon called cortical oscillation can be measured with an Electroencephalograph (EEG). EEGs demonstrate that the activity of neurons generates electric currents. The synchronous action of neural ensembles in the cerebral cortex, comprising large numbers of neurons, produce macroscopic oscillations.  An electroencephalogram (EEG) monitors and graphically documents these macroscopic oscillations. 

Some researchers have published their experimental results. These results indicate that such listening precipitates auditory driving by which ensembles of cortical neurons entrain their frequencies to that of the binaural beat.

In other words, we have been able to measure changes to brainwaves brought about by binaural stimulation and have evidence that new behaviors can be learned at this fundamental level. Binaural training may be a gentle way of training the brain to have new and different thoughts.

Now we know and have proof, that music and certain patterns of sound can synchronize brain patterns. This results in information or thoughts forming much faster. It will even form new connections that, once formed, are never lost.

How does Synctuition work?

Synctuition uses the proven, latest technology in sound recording.  It produces specific patterns of sound that stimulate the effortless flow of brainwaves between hemispheres of the brain. The program teaches and exercises the brain to get better at this by practice. Further, it promotes particular brain waves that result in a higher level of intuition. When you sit undisturbed, listening through stereo headphones, the brain benefits from this regular stimulation. With practice, It learns how to default to a more intuitive way of thinking. 

To learn more go to their website—Synctuition.

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