Another 3 Ways To Balance Work and Life

By Florence Redman –

The balance between work and life has become more complex than is necessary. Counsellors and other practitioners often make suggestions that end up complicating life. The balance is to know what accept and what to reject when offered advice by those that provide it.

In order to balance your work and life, you may need to make some minor changes in your daily routine, learn how to control your stress level while at the same time dealing with emotional issues as they arise. The main challenge is to reduce stress and be happy.

1. Remember that there is always tomorrow. You may think that is procrastination but it could also be happiness or and less stress. Do the most urgent tasks today and leave the others for the next day. However, ensure to pay the bills on time and follow-up on repairs. Some things must be done by specific dates and they should be completed on time. Others may cause discomfort but otherwise will not create any real problems.

2. Make a plan to divide the day between work and life including family, quiet time or meditation and rest. These are all important in life and will seldom share equally or fairly. Work may actually take up most of the time when you include going and coming from work. If you are lucky enough to work from home, that also has it warts and rewards so consider carefully before deciding that this is for you. Meditation is best done in the morning or at night but if you are feeling stressed in the middle of the day, take a few moments, close your eyes and send love, happiness and peace to the whole world; this will make you feels much better and ready to get back to work.

3. Finally establish a daily routine for work, your family, volunteering and relaxing.. If you practice arriving at work on time and leaving on time, you will find it easier to keep to the routine. Set aside time for family and friends and let them know when you will be free to see or hear them. If working from home, set a time to begin, take breaks and end. Let your family know by setting up a calendar and your friends by telling them when to call. You may also want mute your phone during the time that you do not want to be disturbed.

Sometimes things don’t go as you expect, the best you can do is to plan and implement as much of the items on the plan as possible. When necessary spend some quiet time, visualize and create a new plan. Build in space for unforeseen circumstances as they always arise and when we least expect them.

Florence Redman has spent many years assisting others in the community through educational, cultural and social organizations. Currently, Florence provides information that may help individuals to maintain balance in their lives. I encourage to go to and sign up to receive tips on a regular basis.

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