Anxiety And The Fear Of The Unknown

fearBy Dennis A Simsek —

Your real fear doesn’t lie in the shopping mall, it doesn’t lie at your work and socializing with co-workers, it doesn’t even lie in the actual symptom of anxiety. Your real fear is alive and is fueled simply by the fear of the unknown. Do you know why so many people don’t embark on a natural path to stopping their generalized anxiety or panic disorder? Simply because of the fear of the unknown. They try a ‘tool’ that has worked for someone else, the tool or suggestion works in their own life for a few days and then setbacks kick in.

It is at this time of setback that separates the successful and the failures, in all walks of life

People who have naturally been able to stop a panic attack instantly, and have stopped their generalized anxiety disorder have all been as anxious when it comes to facing their fears of thought. The only difference is they are able to move with the fear, while others are stuck always starting over.

The truth is deep down you know what you need to do to stop your anxiety naturally

The fear of the unknown should not be a place we must avoid, instead we need to take a new approach to the fear. Think about times in your past where you’ve stepped into the unknown. It could have been diving off a high board in a swimming pool, or asking someone you had a crush on for a date. In your past there have been many time where you’ve faced an unfamiliar path but have kept on moving forward.

What if you took this same approach to the fears that trigger your anxiety disorder?

Here’s what you need to get in tuned with if you’re going to move with your fears that triggers you anxiety, instead of run from them. You’re going to need to think back, and re-experience the times in your life where you’ve overcome the fear of the unknown. You’re going to have to feel that positive emotion over and over because the key to stopping your health anxiety, GAD or panic attacks lies in one word.


Here’s a guarantee I can give you, now this is serious because as we all know most of what we try and accomplish in life has no guarantee when we embark onto something new. My guarantee to you no matter what your fear may be relating to your anxiety disorder is that you are healthy and safe. That lingering symptom of anxiety that keep you up all night has a very reasonable explanation as to why it’s there. The ‘what if’ thoughts you experience during the rise of a full-blown panic attack are natural, but in the end you are healthy and you are safe.

Anxiety is a con artist

The unknown offers big rewards in your life remember that, I always remind people that freedom begins at the end of your comfort zone. So here’s what I’m asking you to do today and onwards. Don’t take a step into the world of unknown and scatter back, experience it, stay with your fears, and understand that everything you are experiencing has a very humanly explanation behind it. Make this a habit, and soon the scales of thought will begin to tip in favor of confidence and freedom, over fear and anxiety.

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