Are You Playing to Win? (Be the Opportunity Detector)

WinningBy Bill A Hamilton –

In today’s fast-paced life, you can’t afford to follow your dreams without positivity. Especially in this age of turmoil, lack of positivity makes you deal with lots of challenges and derail your future success. It hinders you looking at your dreams in a more upbeat manner.

So, how to have all-important positivity in your life?

The answer is simple: Play to win…

“Fill your life with positive expectations. Demand the best. Attitude and desire contribute to 90% of your achievement.” – Kekich Credo

Embracing the ‘play to win’ attitude is the only crux choice for you to personalize yourself in a gallant way. It helps you to be armed with flaming fortitude for conquering the negative contingencies of your life.

A Little Privacy, Please?

Media has crumbled our thought patterns. Day in and day out, we are receiving the floods of negative, defensive information of about almost everything. Especially, it has become an alarmed source of threat. It designs the negative thought patterns of our minds and demoralize our play to win behavior.

In today’s economy, media only reflect the grim side of every business. It only picks out the lethal aspects of every business/situation and compels you to wait passively for the magical right moments (which never come) – rather than featuring the bright opportunities to grow your business. In fact, it has ‘primed’ your brain to seek out the negatives of everything.

As a matter of fact, our brains continue to flourish rapidly. When we constantly hear, see, and read the negative things, our brains accepts this as the standard way of thinking. As a result, we only play to not to lose and damage our winning potential in many ways.

If you want to play to win then you need a little privacy from all the negative information that enforces you to stay in defensive mode. You must break the every vicious cycle of your life and transform yourself into an “opportunity detector”.

Opportunity Detector.

Be the “Opportunity Detector”.

Only look for positive points which others are missing. For example, if you are a mountain lover, you should become a professional climbing guide. Create different types of campaigns/products/programs that fix the problems of the other mountain lovers. Guide them and solve their problems. Just remember that, If there is a problem, there is always an opportunity for you to build the business.

“There are billions of people alive today who will happily spend money to have their problems solved. You just need to find those people and put the right solutions in front of them.”

The world’s wealthiest – and smart – people not only play to win, by using this simple formula, but also survive during economic downturns. Instead of freaking out (or thinking negatively), they pay closer attention to the details and make fast easy money.

Regardless of what’s happening in the economy, you can also easily earn money by just looking deeper into the situations. In other words, money making ideas are all around you; just focus on solving the widespread problem. Simple knowledge with true expertise can attract substantial amounts of wealth into your life.

Eat Lunch with the Upper Management Team.

An A+ Player only plays to win.

Are you an A+ player in your office?

If you just do your 8 hours in the office, you are not an A+ player. In fact, you are labeling yourself as an ordinary player. You are indicating that you aren’t the ambitious type person, and you don’t have the ability to bloom the office.

The war of talent has been tremendously increased. If you aren’t an A+ player in your office, or if you don’t have a solid reputation, your financial destiny is at stake. Even your coworkers will dominate you and blackmail you for many reasons.

If you want to make your office love you then, first and most importantly, you have to become an expert.


“Eat lunch with the upper management team; establish the network of supporters; and, come up with creative plans (and solutions) to improve business operations.”

In offices, the boss holds much power over your pay and promotion. Your relationship with your boss can make, or break, your career. So, you should make your boss look good, dress professionally, carry a briefcase, work diligently, and only play to win.

Bill Hamilton is a BIG thinker. His work influences you to become a ‘Desirable Person’ to be around. Read his blog:

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According to Bill Hamilton, “Brilliant books always lead to a wonderful life.”

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