Are You Taking Care Of Your Mind?

It’s true that the mind has been using us for a long time. That it throws out reactions judgments and is conditioned for negative patterns.

But ask yourself, “Do I take care of it?”

We’re Responsible For Our Minds

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Let me put it straight.

You’re not minding your own mind.

We need to rephrase that sentence, “Mind your own business.” Tell this to people when they start poking around too much. “Mind your own mind, people!”

And if they ask, “Hey! What does that mean?” Then tell them to find this article.

I mean it, really. Why has the mind got so distracted and disturbed in today’s age? Because it is not getting the appropriate attention.

It is either getting over-attended or getting under-attended.

We’re giving it too much attention where it isn’t needed. And more than that, we pay attention to its thoughts. But not to the mind.

And when we’re supposed to turn inwards and have a look what’s happening inside, we’re lost. Nowhere to be seen.


First of all, we must understand that we’re paying too much attention to the thoughts. Day and night, we’re taking our thoughts seriously.

We’re attending them way more than we should be.

So stop that. We need to know where to direct our attention. To the source, but not its by-products.

While we were busy in thoughts, the mind slowly slipped into our house. It kept you busy while it stole all your valuables.

And the sad fact is, that we aren’t aware of it.


Humans love see-saws. They’re either on one extreme or on the other.

They’ll either pay too much attention (that too on the wrong areas), or they won’t even take a look.

It’s either “I love you!” or it’s just “Go to hell!” Standing in the middle of the see-saw requires practice and resilience. It’s not that easy.

But it isn’t impossible, either.

We’ve never given the due attention to our mind. Just the way a wife demands time to time attendance from her husband, the mind does, too!

It is what I call, “Thought management” without focusing on thoughts. Fix the source. The production quality will follow it.

Journaling is the ?1 way to do it. It brings your awareness towards the condition of the mind.

Write whatever you can remember from the previous day each morning. Or after an unpleasant experience. Write whatever comes to your mind.

This is the “blabbering” part. Then comes the streamlining and examination part. Where you analyze the stuff and juice out the crux.+

What mistake did I make on my part? Where did I get over-indulged? Where did I let negativity or negative thoughts enter my space?

Basically, reflecting over the previous day. This is how you’ll get to know where you’re failing and need to do something about it. When you’ll work over it, things will get better.

Taking Care Of Your Mind

We discussed how harmful extremes can turn out to be for the mind. You might catch it craving for extremes. Making you stumble upon such decisions that create drama or negativity.

But, it is our choice. Or as Stephen R. Covey puts it, we are response-able. We have to become response-able inside. The outside world can be taken care of later on.

We got to know that journaling can be one of the bulletproof habits that can make you incredibly self-aware. It puts a guard on your mind’s behavior throughout the day.

As you’ll go deeper and get more consistent with this habit, you’ll find yourself being more alert regarding your mistakes. Regarding your daily demeanor and/or habits.

But there’s a deeper habit that can relax and cleanse your mind from the inside.

Sitting in solitude.

I won’t call it “meditation”. It’s a concept distorted by several fundamentals. I’ll just call it “sitting in solitude.”

Sit alone. Work out some time out of your routine for it. It could turn out to be the most important task of your day if you do it.

Sit quietly. Don’t get indulged with the thoughts that come to you. You can feel your breath coming in and going out. It helps us to keep ourselves anchored.

  1. When the mind sits in silence and the thoughts are not attended to, it starts getting dissolved. It gets dissolved into one. Right now, you are playing several roles. And each role is created by the mind. And every role has its part of thoughts to disturb you.When the mind gets dissolved into the one and only identity that lies underneath all, it relaxes.
  1. At times when you sit alone with yourself focused, thoughts from nowhere appear. They are indirectly helping you to know what sort of trash is rooted inside. Where is your mind getting attached? Be it negatively or positively.

The mind wants infinite joy. And it can be found when everything dissolves into nothing.


In the end, it all comes to us.

It is you who has to do it. The mind is innocent. It thinks that it will get satisfied by doing this or that.

We have to guide it. We have to relax it and bring it to the state of doing nothing.

Keep a close tab on it. What are you using it for? What are you feeding it? And what habits are you building for it?

Every habit, every input, and every reaction is getting registered. So, be the guardian of your inner space. Don’t let trash flow in. And if it has, filter it out.

We are the ones who are supposed to use the mind, but not vice-versa.

A mind is a beautiful tool that can create wonders if used and looked after properly. But if neglected, the same tool turns destructive.

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