Becoming a Person With a Great Sense of Humor

By Sean M. Adams –

We all need humor in your life, and if you do not have a good sense of humor your life will not have as much happiness as possible. And the better your sense of humor the more abundance and prosperity you will have. To have a better sense of humor you need to learn to laugh at yourself, laugh with others, know you don’t have to hurt to be funny and never be too serious.

Learn to laugh at yourself

The first key to enhancing your sense of humor is by being able to laugh at yourself. It is always smart to start by learning to laugh at yourself, and then you can learn to laugh at others. We all do silly and stupid things and it shows a good sense of humor when you can see these silly things you do and laugh at them. Laughing at one’s self is the first and most important step to being a person with a great sense of humor.

Learn to laugh with others

Once you learn to laugh at yourself then you can move on to laughing with other people. The key here is to laugh with them. When people find things they do funny it is OK to laugh with them at the funny things they do. You do not want to laugh at them, only with them.

It doesn’t have to hurt to be funny

The reasons you do not want to laugh at others is because one of the keys for a great sense of humor is to know that you do not have to be mean to understand humor. Too often people think making other people laugh by being mean to someone is the way to go. It is not. You should not hurt others in order to be able to make people laugh. That approach is not the right path to take to having a great sense of humor.

Don’t be so serious

The final step to having a great sense if humor is to not take things too seriously. There are a lot of things out there we need to be serious, but humor and laughter is not one of them. Laugh at everything you can following the above steps. You do not have to see everything from the sense of being serious, instead put on the goofy glasses that let you see things as being funny. It helps.

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