Boost self-esteem—The ripple effect and you

Let’s talk about how you can boost self-esteem and  the importance of the ripple effect. How often have you found yourself making excuses for not doing something; perhaps “oh but I have something better to do” OR “I will do it later” and one I hear all too often “but it is such a long journey ahead of me, starting would be too hard” – well let me tell you, if you spent all those months between the intervals of uttering these sentences, actually working towards your goal, that “long journey” would already be over.

“one small change is all it takes.”

I chose physical fitness as the subject of focus (although the ripple effect can be applied to everything)  because skimping on it is something most of us can relate to, and because self-esteem issues are, in a lot of cases, the primary reason for negative feelings we experience—especially since we feel compelled to compare ourselves on a daily basis (unnecessarily I might add) to others we see on the internet.

Generally, and especially; for example:

Eat healthier -> lose belly fat.
Run -> lose weight.
Sleep better -> more energy.
Lift weights -> bigger muscles.

The reality is – when we make a change in one aspect of our lives, that change will affect every other aspect of our lives as well. This might sound like common sense to some, yet if this is the case, how come so many of us choose to ignore it when it comes to our physical fitness, and our own mental well-being?

A lot of times, people fail to make the correlation between their bodies and minds; reading is brain exercise, and training is body exercise, right? Well, kind of. You see, when we read then yes, our minds are the ones doing the work, and when we are exercising then it is our muscles—but how many times have you felt like you are unable to read, or lack focus, or get halfway through a book and drop it; and on the flip side how many times have you told yourself you will go to the gym but never did, or when you did make it there you had no idea what to do and felt intimidated and never went again…

When we exercise, and feel physically healthy, it is proven that we are more focused and are able to make better use of our brains; and when we go to the gym well-prepared, having read about proper technique and diet and what kind of exercises exist, then we are much more likely to build up a healthy routine.

The point here is that these seemingly two very different things, are much closer connected than you might think.

NOW, how does this help me boost self-esteem you ask?

The old saying comes to mind “look good, feel good”, if you make just a few improvements in how healthy you feel and are—the groundwork of which relies in fitness, you will not only benefit your body, but your being as a whole.

You will feel energized, you will be comfortable in your skin, you will be inspired to do more I guarantee it! And you WILL boost self- esteem.

It starts with one step, one decision on which you follow through, and the rest will happen seemingly automatically.

If currently, you suffer from self-esteem issues, maybe you feel too chubby, maybe you think you are not interesting, maybe you just broke up and feel worthless, maybe it’s something entirely different—my recommendation from personal experience, find something healthy and active to hold on to, stick to it for 2 weeks and let the rest unfold.

Here are 3 examples of where to start:

1: Pack a lunch. This website will help you with all things regarding diet and make sure you don’t end up bored, it customizes a meal plan for you, keeps it nutritious, and makes sure you don’t over-eat.

2: Forget about the gym in middle school, a fitness center is NOT a scary place and is full of people exactly like you. Here is an excellent resource to find a program that suits you, and which you can begin today, just follow the interactive process.

3: Take the time to walk around when at work/school—so many people spend their 10 minute breaks checking social media, browsing through cat pictures—basically just staring at a screen, the same thing they were doing before their break, just classifying it as entertainment.
Spend your break walking around, stretching, looking out the window, this also has the benefit of not paying attention to social media and making yourself feel worse.

These examples are meant to be very simple, and inspire you to begin something. It does not matter where you begin, it is important to begin somewhere though.

Self-esteem, can sometimes feel like a mountain higher than Everest to conquer. We’ve all been there, but it is not impossible to be proud of who you are, you define yourself, you are the sole person responsible for your own happiness and I know for a FACT that every single one of you reading this have the power within them to make the change necessary to be happy and content!

I wish all of you success, and hope this article could inspire you and help you.

All the best,

About me:
“My name is Martin, I have been a fitness instructor for 2 years and have seen many wonderful changes in this time. Currently advising fitness is my second job I do it as a passion; during my day-job I am a marketing executive. I have a passion for helping others and this is the reason I still instruct and advise fitness.”


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