Brazilian Butt Lifts vs Butt Implants: Which One is Right for You?

So you’ve decided you want butt augmentation surgery. Do you know which procedure you want? Most people aren’t aware that there are multiple ways to alter the shape of your buttocks. The most popular strategies are a Brazilian butt lift and butt implant surgery.

Both methods can accomplish the same goal. However, they’re very different procedures. Butt implant surgery is a more invasive procedure. But the results are more durable and candidates don’t have worry about their body fat as much as Brazilian butt lift patients do.

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Brazilian Butt Lifts

A Brazilian butt lift uses your body’s own fat to plump your butt. In order to be a successful candidate, you have to demonstrate that you have about two soda cans worth of body fat to work with.

If you do, and your surgeon deems you healthy enough for the procedure, you’ll first undergo liposuction surgery. Your excess fat will be harvested from a pre-determined area. The fat will then be injected into your buttocks.

How much is a Brazilian butt lift? It depends on where you’re having the procedure done and your body’s specific needs. No two patients are exactly the same.


There are many potential drawbacks to a Brazilian butt lift procedure. One of the biggest problems is that it’s not permanent. Because your own fat is used, it can easily be reabsorbed by your body. This will naturally change the shape of your butt.

Your results also don’t stand a chance if you gain or lose a significant amount of weight. You should already be at your ideal weight when you walk into your doctor’s office.

Butt Implant Surgery

If you opt to receive butt implant surgery, your surgeon will reshape your butt using silicone implants. An incision will be made and a pocket created in your buttocks. Once the implants are firmly placed inside, you’ll be stitched up.

The process is simple but it’s still major surgery.


The recovery period can be painful. It usually lasts a few weeks although most patients regain mobility within three days.

During your recovery period, you have to be diligent about keeping your incision sites clean.  It’s critical that you don’t get an infection.

Which one is Perfect for You?

A butt implant procedure is suitable for a wider variety of patients. You need to be healthy enough for surgery in either case. But if you opt for a Brazilian butt lift, you also need to have a sufficient amount of body fat.

The results of a Brazilian butt lift are more fluid. So, if you want your butt to look a certain way for a long time, butt implant surgery is a better option for you. The fat used in the Brazilian butt lift is likely to move around.

Of course, you can’t make a final decision until you speak with a cosmetic surgeon. Improving your looks takes deliberate work.

Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic surgery is growing in popularity. Common procedures are becoming safer and more affordable. There are many reasons why you might be interested in changing your body. Perhaps a series of lifestyle changes have altered the way you look. Or maybe you’re battling age. Or you simply don’t like the way your butt looks.

The right surgeon can help you sculpt a great body. It won’t be perfect. You have to accept that getting cosmetic surgery isn’t a way to give your self-esteem. You’ll likely receive a confidence boost. But feeling good about yourself goes deeper than that.

Your Body

Before you signup for a procedure, there are a few things that need to happen. For one, you have to get a physical. In addition to checking if your body is fit enough for surgery, your fat level will also be examined if you’re interested in a Brazilian butt lift.

When it comes to your body, you can make changes if you want to. However, you need to be in a psychologically good place to do so. You can’t have unreasonable expectations. Surgery won’t turn you into Beyonce.

What you can do is make strong improvements to yourself. Butt augmentation surgery is a way to give yourself a butt that you would never be able to create at the gym or through diet and exercise alone. Everyone has to work with their genes. If you have a small butt, you might not be able to change it naturally. Cosmetic surgery can also help reduce the appearance of cellulite.

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