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Causes of Fatigue – Hidden Factors Behind Your Tiredness

Monday morningBy Angela H Daniels

Today I want to talk a bit about what exactly makes us tired. There’s a lot to know when it comes to fatigue and tiredness and, like so many other things out there, misinformation runs rampant. There are the obvious factors that we associate with tiredness, such as sleep habits, but it’s the underlying and more subtle issues that give us the most trouble. And really this makes a lot of sense, how can you correct something you don’t even know is wrong? This article is going to discuss mental causes of fatigue, and how chemicals in the brain affect your energy level.

If you think about it, you can probably already identify that tiredness isn’t as simple as it seems at a glance. For example, sometimes you see the dog at home wagging his tail happy to see you, or you hear that your favorite meal is for dinner, or some other good news and all of a sudden your tiredness is gone. This is enough to tell you that there’s more to your energy level than just how much you sleep.

Stimulating and positive mental influences release endorphins in the brain, flooding the dopamine receptors and making us feel happy. On the flip side, negative or saddening influences will release serotonin, a chemical that makes you sleepy. Serotonin is the chemical release when your body is trying to tell you that you need rest, but it, as I said, it can be brought on my other factors as well.

Much of our tiredness is tied to our mood. Which makes sense really, it’s hard for you to get excited about something you don’t really want to do, and therefore your alternative is a lethargic and non-busy day. For this reason, depression also usually causes tiredness and fatigue.

Believe it or not, your energy level is very much based on a “need” basis. This is why someone who exercises a lot is going to have more energy and feel more alert on any given day, because their body is used to having to provide the means to be active. Someone who never exercises doesn’t really have much of a need to store energy and therefore has a hard time making it through the day without a nap.

Constant fatigue and tiredness can lead to a plethora of complications not just in your physical health, but also in relationships, work productivity, and above all your mental health and mood. Trust me, a well rested brain is a happy one and EVERYTHING is easier to deal with when you are full of energy. In order to help other people discover the methods I used to eliminate tiredness from my life I’ve created a resource site over at Always Feeling Tired? that should be simply eye opening to you!

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