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I will be the first to admit that finding out what steps to follow in order change your lifestyle and become healthy can be a quite confusing and perplexing task. It is not that the tasks aren’t relatively simple; it is just that there is so much conflicting information on the internet that you really can’t know which advice to follow and what methods are the best ones.

I have recognized that a lot of people deal with this problem and in many cases it stops them form starting to live a healthy lifestyle. In this article we will go through the checklist of transforming your lifestyle to a healthier one. Here is the checklist:

I have made sure that I will greatly limit the amount of junk food I eat from this day and forward.

I have understood what negative effect fast burning carbs can have on my body and I will avoid these types of carbohydrates, especially later on in the day so I can keep steady insulin levels and not get sugar cravings.

I have committed myself to stop smoking cigarettes as this is pure poison and the worst thing I can do to my body when it comes to becoming healthy.

I will drastically reduce the amount of alcohol I drink or I will go as far as stopping completely.

I will lower the amount of unhealthy fats I eat during any given day and will make sure most of the fat I eat are essential and healthy fats.

I will start working out, this doesn’t necessarily mean going to the gym every day, it just means that I will keep active and either do some dancing or other types of activities throughout my day.

I will start eating high amounts of fiber each single day and I will also make sure I drink enough water.

I am dedicated to eating more protein as protein is the number one prerequisite for building muscle and additional muscle will boost my metabolism.

Last but not least I am committed and understand that this is a complete lifestyle change and not just something I will do for a couple of months and then stop as soon as I get the results I was looking for.

By following this check list you can be absolutely sure that you will immediately become healthier and transform your lifestyle completely.

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  1. Jarrod@ Optimistic Journey says

    I’ve learned the importance in engaging in some form of exercising at least 3 times weekly. It works wonders for my energy and overall health!! Great article, thanks for sharing!!

  2. Our Healthier Living says

    Very interesting topics.I am looking this type of topics, I need more informations because everyone knows “Health is wealth” is very much known to all and everyone wants good health.That means no one wants to leave this wealth. So, Let us build a food habit discipline, keep pace with work, rest and or exercise to Achieve good health, The ultimate wealth.

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