Cleaning the Clutter in the Mind – Part 1

By CD Mohatta

Every person tries to clean clutter from his or her homes, at least twice a year.  We call it spring-cleaning, or fall cleaning, which is done before Christmas.  Regardless of when you do it, you know how hard it is to part with sentimental “junk” that you have collected over the years.  We all have some kind of memories attached to articles from the past that we keep.  We hold onto these things and have a hard time getting rid of them, things like a romantic card, a child’s first drawing or project, letters from an old boyfriend, pictures without dates.  I have boxes of these kinds of “memories” and want to be able to separate from them but sometimes find that I spend more time looking through them to decide what to get rid of than I actually do discarding them.

When we spring clean our belongings with memories, it becomes a very big chore.  It is a necessary chore that allows us to have more space, light and energy in our home and ultimately in our life.  We must then approach it as a chore, or any activity that we expend energy and time and prepare ourselves for a pretty big task.

We need to take a deep breath, inhaling good energy.  As we exhale, we want to get rid of any old, stale energy that has us tied done.  We want to inhale deeply, filling our lungs and mind with cleansing energy and oxygen, telling ourselves that this task will bring us a renewed spirit.  As we exhale, we need to acknowledge the chains that bind us to all the memorabilia that we have collected over time.

As we think of the job at hand, we need to inhale clarity, so we can exhale clutter.  We need to breathe in calmness so we can exhale emotional disarray.  While thinking of all the possibilities of more space and light and energy we will have when we are finished with cleaning the clutter of our lives, we can exhale what stands in our way.  We can have order in our lives by claiming the space and the light we deserve by eliminating the emotional clutter in our homes.

Once we are in state of relaxation, as we continue to breathe in fresh, new air and exhale tensions and stress, we begin to realize that our lives and homes have become less a place of relaxation than a place filled with memories, conflict and worries.  We begin to sense that the memories that we have held onto have taken our freedom away by filling our spaces with clutter so we have a hard time making new memories.

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