Coping With Depression – Kick Start Your Life Again

depressionBy Karen A Crossett –

Depression with all its consequences is on the increase.

Coping with depression is more than dealing with feeling low or blue, it’s a major disease and it’s sapping the life out of those suffering from it.

More and more people are experiencing that heavy dark cloud engulfing them in a reality of hopelessness and helplessness.

Glib remarks like “pull yourself together” “look at all you have” “Try and get on with it” or “kick start your life again” just don’t cut it with the depressed person. If it was that easy they would do it. And the fact they can’t follow your advice can make them feel even worse.

What would it be like, if you suddenly became lethargic and your life lost all interest for you? You preferred to stay in bed all day, because you were afraid to get up. What would it be like if life was a struggle, and there was no comfort or joy anywhere?

Many individuals are dragging themselves through their lives, coping with depression and every task experienced as a momentous burden.

And yet is it possible to stop coping with depression and really take action to kick start your life again.

Try these methods and see for yourself.

Ask yourself the question, “Am I better coping with depression or am I better kick starting my life again?”

The answer seems obvious, stop coping with depression, but it entails a commitment, a belief, that you can do it.

Can you do it? Do you want to do it?

If you do then-

Acknowledging you are depressed is important.

Many individuals believe that there is a stigma to depression, a thought that people will see them as weak or failing in some way. But depression is experienced by 1 in 4 of our population. Millions of pounds are being spent on anti-depressant drugs each year. It is a fact that life can get too much for anyone. Taking responsibility for your mental health is a big plus. Remember – stop neglecting yourself – mind matters.

STOP what you are doing and take time out.

If you continue to do the same thing over and over again you will get the same result! Take time to relax, let go, unwind and allow yourself to heal. If you take time off work, enjoy it. Don’t feel guilty about what is not being done, or thinking you are letting people down, this is you taking action to kick start your life again. Think of this as a period of transformation. Your body is telling you that you have to make changes in your life, and you are up for the challenge.

Get Support:

This might be in the form of medication, counselling, a support group or a close caring friend. Find the support that you are comfortable with. Trust is a big issue here, as you want to have the freedom to talk to someone who understands and can help you through this depression.

Implement what you learn:

Taking massive action brings massive changes – taking small steps leads to big changes. It is all about making those small, simple changes and reaping the benefits. You can think of it as the 20-80 rule. Twenty percent change, eighty percent benefit.


Your body needs nourishment and energy. So give yourself the best chance by eating good healthy food, including Omega 3s. and drinking fresh clean water. Build up a routine. Sleep deeply and before you get up out of bed, visualize what you are going to do that day. Include exercise in to the routine. Try and find an activity that you would enjoy, if you can’t at this stage, just open the front door and walk into nature, connect with the outside world, look and listen and breath. You are alive. Life is waiting for you.

Self Management:

Learn the golden triangle. What we think, generates an emotion, and the emotion motivates a physical response. Keep a mood diary and identify emotional triggers, implement the golden triangle. Events in our lives do not cause our deep emotional disturbances, it is our thoughts, beliefs, attitude to the event that is important. Whatever has happened in your life, a change in your thought pattern, can release old hurts, wounds, grief, shame. No one gets through life without challenges. Those challenges can help us grow into a strong, compassionate, conscious individual.

Kick start your life and stop coping with depression.l.

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