Creating a Sacred Space

By Colleen Crook

The word ‘sacred’ has its origin in the Middle Eastern word ‘sacren’ which denotes “to consecrate”, in Old French ‘sacrer’ and in Latin ‘sacrare’ which signifies “to make holy”. ‘Space’ derived from the Old French word ‘espace’ and the Latin ‘spatium’ is defined as “to flourish, expand, and succeed.” Further definitions include “independence, privacy and freedom to follow one’s own interests.” (Webster’s New World Dictionary, 3rd College Edition)

The creation of a space or spot is critical to self-care especially during busy holiday seasons and special events. In order to be the person you want to be during a  special event, having a space for a “time-in” helps restore your equilibrium and allows you to be back in your own skin. According to Nora Issacs, author of Sacred Spaces, a sacred space “whether it’s a room, a corner or merely a special chair- provides a restorative refuge from the rigors of daily life.” She also explains that by establishing this sacred space one can gain clarity about their life purpose and the difference one might make in the world. What a great way to honor yourself by creating a sacred space in your home to relax, refresh, rejuvenate, renew and retreat.

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You are might be thinking. “The kids won’t give me a moments peace.” “How can I take time for myself when there’s so much to do?” I know a woman who carved out time just before arriving home. She would drive to a local park and relax into the seat of her car, breathe and visualize herself swaying in a hammock on a beautiful tropical island. She took 10 – 15 minutes just for herself. When she arrived home she was much more relaxed and able to handle the symphony of her family life.
Another woman I know locks herself in her bathroom for 10 minutes and listens to music. I find that when I become overwhelmed, I need to become aware of breathing slower and give my self permission to take things in at a slower place and become fully present in the moment. Then I am able to keep events in perspective and like the song from Sound of Music “then I don’t feel so bad”. For me having a space is important. I now have my outdoor “healing garden” as my niece calls it. I have a certain chair I like and my bedroom is serene like a forest. Next on my list is to design my office space to further foster and support my creativity and practice.

Sacred space can be a physical space or a space in time that allows you to re-connect to your joyous serene center. So what can you do to create a sacred space for yourself?

– Gather support from your family for your honoring self-care.

– Select an area or spot just for you.

– Place objects or things from nature that re-fresh and speak to your spiritual core.

– Schedule a time for your mini-retreat or family connection.

– Give yourself permission to just Be.

– Have fun, enjoy, laugh, meditate, sing or do whatever brings you pleasure and connects you to the essence of you.

Inquiry: What is your concept of a sacred space and what would it contain?

Colleen Crook is a Certified Life and Leadership Coach and a Certified Passion Test(TM) Facilitator. She is known as The Passions to Action Coach. She has over 30 years experience in the field of Occupational Therapy as a manager,supervisor,mentor, facilitator and therapist both in the national and international arenas. She is passionate about sparking the best in individuals and assisting in making the impossible possible while leading with spirit. You can visit her at

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