Cultivating The Courage to Get Started

courage300By Jason Demakis —

Security is a mysterious thing. We all seek it, and yet we allow it to control us at the same time. Until you achieve a certain threshold of security (of which represents to you an acceptable enough amount), you won’t allow yourself to begin venturing beyond your comfort zone to tackle the goals and desires that truly inspire and ignite your passions. Your subconscious mind will block you from taking action, because your head and heart aren’t in congruency with one another.

The question then stands: what do you personally require in order to allow yourself to courageously embrace to this next stage?

A certain amount of money in your bank account?

A stable job or income?

A reliable, eye-catching vehicle?

A large home to live in?

Your significant other/spouse’s positive opinion of you?

The president’s positive opinion of you?

Everyone else’s opinion of you?

The correct answer to this question is: none of the above. You could have all, some, or none of the things on this list, and it wouldn’t affect your level of personal security at all. This is because:

All you ever actually need to be secure (and to get started) is the conscious awareness of your ability to choose your next move, and the courage to trust your decisions.

That’s it and that’s all.

By the end of this article, you’ll understand precisely why this is the case, why most people miss this incredibly important fact, and how you can begin implementing this truth and empower yourself towards getting started on your path of genuine self-fulfillment right now, today.

None of These Things Matter, Because…

… Security isn’t even secure in itself. It’s an illusion. In fact, it’s the greatest mirage lurking the deserts of self-exploration and growth. You’d be a fool to wait for security before truly living life, because:

You can never, ever actually achieve true 100% security. Nothing you can ever own or possess – including your body – can be secured eternally. Everything you trade your finite time for in this life will not be coming with you when it’s your time to go.

Time – not money – is your greatest asset. Nothing money can buy will come with you upon your passing. The lessons learned through time, however, are precisely what will enable you to secure large quantities of resources, such as money, in the long run.

Money isn’t even possible to possess without the presence of time in the first place. The more conscious you are of the true nature and role of time as we experience it, the more leverage you’re able to establish in optimizing your approach to how you spend your time earning money.

Time is the medium responsible for allowing the experience of anything to occur.

With that said, you’re actually wasting your own time and energy engaging in things you’d rather not be doing, simply because you’re too scared to choose to do something you actually love.

As stated above, your ability to choose your next move is precisely what allows you to establish any modicum of reliability in terms of security (though it will still be temporary). This is metaphysically analogous to spending very limited quantities of money on extremely common and abundant products that can mostly be found lying around for free. What are you actually doing?

Spending Time Chasing “Security” is The Least-Secure Thing You Can Do

Instead of spending your finite time working against yourself and attempting to chase (illusory) security, spend that same time following your passion, delivering value directly to others through that passion, and create security directly.

Would you pay money to put fillings on baby teeth, knowing full well they are going to fall out shortly any way?

Would you spend time driving to the store just to go in and spend your hard earned money on something you’ve already got dozens and dozens of bottles or boxes of at home?

It doesn’t make sense to spend finite resources on things like this, so why would you spend the ultimate, most powerful finite resource – time – as if you have an infinite supply of it just sitting in your back pocket?

Spending time chasing security is the least-secure thing you can do.

I’ll say it one more time:

Spending time (finite resource) chasing security (illusion) is the least-secure thing you can do.

Let that logic sink in for a bit. Realize and recognize that spending finite things on other things that don’t even exist is incredibly foolish; ).

All You Ever Need to Be Secure is Your Ability to Choose Your Next Move… That’s IT!

Let’s take another look at this so we can see just why choice is the ultimate secret key to unlocking the illusory puzzle presented to us under the guise of security. I’m going to use a familiar example that illustrates this point quickly and effectively:

Employee #1 gets laid off from his job that he’s worked at for several years. He has no passions outside of work beyond watching TV, playing Xbox, ordering fast food and watching Netflix every evening, using recreational drugs, then passing out in a pile of hamburger wrappers to do it all again the next day. He ends up feeling rather depressed once he’s let go of the only other outside stimulation he has in his life, and slips into an even more introverted lifestyle complete with more self-medicating than before.

Because he chose to bank his entire lifestyle and ability to provide for his own experience of self-fulfillment exclusively on the resources supplied to him by his job (“security”), employee #1 foolishly felt he could relax, and then went on to continue spending his finite lifetime creating the equivalent of a metaphysical padded room instead of embracing growth, pushing himself, and creating immense personal-freedoms as a result.

The original decision to choose to relax into an artificially-conditioned and illusory safety net caused employee #1 to feel as if he didn’t have to spend mental energy making any choices at all after a certain point. Being highly unconscious of his freedom to choose , employee #1 simply continues down a logical path of being bumped around by external stimuli without a clue as to what the hell is actually going on with his finite life.

Employee #2 started out on the same exact path with very similar circumstances as employee #1. Unlike his co-worker, employee #2 is very passionate about creating artwork and sharing it with people. He loves to draw, paint, sculpt, and write. When not working, he spends the majority of his free time doing things like creating pieces, getting outdoors in the sun, and maintaining an overall healthy lifestyle. The benefits of this are self-reinforcing, and employee #2 has plenty of time, energy, resources, and emotional bandwidth to truly enjoy and experience life to the fullest of his present moment ability.

Thanks to a series of massive layoffs, employee #2 gets cut along with his buddy above. While the first guy goes home to sit around and dwell on how much life “dumps on him constantly” (we all know people like this), employee #2 chooses to take a different path. Since his passion for creating and sharing his artwork is what drove him in the first place – and his mood and level of fulfillment were constantly high because of this – he realizes that his sense of self-worth, self-fulfillment, and genuine happiness are not conditional on monetary (or any external) security.

Instead of choosing to feel scared and overwhelmed by the temporary lack of a job, employee #2 chooses to follow his passion, since that creates the feelings of contentment and fulfillment that most people will chase money in order to obtain. He understands that this feeling is already present within him , and he’s the one who chooses how , when , and why to access it. In a few months time, employee #2 doesn’t even have to consider looking for a new job because people are offering to pay him for the collection of pieces he’s created since his layoff. He’s now making more money doing what he loves than he ever did when he ignored the prioritization of his passion impulse in order to satisfy arbitrary social expectation.

Employee #2 goes on to create a very successful personal small business that generates an abundance of income with less time, effort, and energy than any other work he’s done in the past. He’s now free (and can afford) to travel, and this causes him to make more business partners and affiliates, which generates him even more passive income in the long run. He could afford to retire at a very young age if he wanted to.

Employee #1 is occupying his time by sitting around and blaming external variables for the string of events that’s led him to the present moment. He’s so sure that the outside world is what’s wrong, and that he’s entitled to things simply because other people have them. He continues to repeat the same aggravating mistakes via traditional employment, and it only reinforces his misery because he refuses to accept true responsibility for the source of his problems.

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m sure as hell aiming (with all my arrows) to be in a position similar to employee #2 in the long run. I was employee #1 for a long time, and it’s nowhere near as fun, enjoyable, or fulfilling as the rewards found on the second path.

Moral of the story: BE EMPLOYEE #2, AND GET STARTED NOW! ; ).

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