After Las Vegas, How do you deal with fear?

The country is still reeling from the shooting in Las Vegas. Questions are left unanswered: How could this happen? WHY did it happen? How could it have been prevented? Some are saying, “We have to get rid of guns.” Other’s are saying, “Everyone should have a gun.” Many are wondering if there is any place that we are safe. Many are asking, “How do you deal with fear?”  If you find yourself in a state of fear and continuing anxiety,  worrying about your safety, here are some things to help ease the fear and put you back on track.

Turn off the news

A big story like the shooting in Las Vegas will play over and over for days on end. I don’t mean to trivialize the enormity of it, but once you know the details, you don’t need to continue hearing them over and over.  We need to be informed. But I find that one newscast a day of world news and one of local news is more than enough. The evening news is the only news I watch unless there is a “major event” that is unfolding and I feel I should follow. I can generally find the details I need on the Internet without having to hear 30 minutes to an hour of global trauma. Some years ago, I discovered limiting the amount of news I listen to cuts my anxiety level way down.

Limit negativity

Limit the friends who bring you the local gossip and bad news. If you understand the Law of Attraction you certainly don’t want to create or attract more “drama trauma” than you have to. There is already enough to go around. Let them know that you have already overdosed on bad news and change the subject.

Know who you are and what you believe about death

It is a fact that we are all going to die. What we don’t know is where, when and how or what happens after we take our last breath.  I think you worry about that more when you’re young than when you get older. The older I get the less I fear it. Quite a quite a number of people who have had near-death experiences, in most cases,  come back quite reluctantly because of the beauty and peacefulness of “the other side” and tell their story. I take comfort in those.  But, like the country song says, “Lord, I want to go to Heaven, I just don’t want to go tonight.” You don’t need to dwell on it but try to live so there are no regrets. I figure that if everyone else has done it, so can I and worrying about the time and place won’t change a thing.

Remember the adage: Feel the fear and do it anyway!

I had a friend who told me “The only way out is through” and for the most part he was right. If you have a great message but are afraid to tell it—do it anyway. Perhaps,  you are afraid to try Karaoke but you know that you know you can sing,  try it anyway. Maybe there is a book in you— write it even if you are afraid it won’t sell. You know what I mean.  Grit your teeth, swallow hard and do it! These days, if you are afraid to go out because someone might be out there with a gun, go out anyway. Don’t let “the crazies” ruin your life. A life spent cowering because something bad might happen, really isn’t living.

Be in control of your thinking

You can work yourself into a frenzy over almost anything. Don’t you know people who get stressed over the tiniest event or piece of information and then spend their day worrying about “what if . . . ?”  YOU are in charge of your thoughts and emotions and can make a decision about what you want to think about and how you want to feel. Oh, I didn’t say it was easy and it takes time and effort to develop the ability to do so, but it is certainly worth it.

Find ways to deal with stress and fear

Fear is fear whether it is real or imagined. So what soothes you when you begin to feel fearful?  Some quick fixes are deep breathing, checking to see what is really happening and dealing with it. (If it’s dark, turn the lights on so you can see. Duh).  Put on some soothing music. Find a friend to be with. It goes without saying that if there is a real dange—get out of there if possible and get to a safe place. Have faith in your own ability to respond properly. Have an exit strategy wherever you go, if that gives you a feeling of security.  Find ways to deal with the fear that work for you.

Some long-term actions

Some things that help you better deal with the fears and traumas of life are:

(This is not an exhaustive list. There are many more but you get the idea)

As I said, this is “off the top of my head.”  It is something to think about over the long haul.

These are my thoughts.    Tell us in the comment section below what your thoughts are.

Have a save and fearless day.


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