Developing Emotional Intelligence

By Jason Osborn

All of us have heard of IQ or Intelligence Quotient, a study that measures how intelligent we are through a series of tests conducted by the school or in the workplace. All this time, it is highly assumed that Intelligence Quotient would determine how successful we are in the future or how we could achieve that goal in a specific time.

But there is another factor that psychologists deem to be one of the contributors to determine if the person would be successful or not, and that is, the Emotional Intelligence, or EQ.

According to wikipedia ( emotional Intelligence is defined as “the ability, capacity or skill to perceive, assess and manage the emotions of one’s self, of others and of groups.” In other words, it is described that Emotional Intelligence is actually the way in which you interact with people, and how you relate to them.

Some psychologists believe that relating with people is more important than having what is inside in one’s head. According to wikipedia, some researchers believe that EQ is “a cognitive ability just as is IQ, others believe it is a combination of perceived abilities and traits, while others consider it a skill that can be measured.”

With this, researchers have found out that one of the benefits of Emotional Intelligence is how to deal and manage conflict or negotiation in school, in the home and in the workplace.

So, how does one develop emotional intelligence?

Here are some ways in order to develop Emotional Intelligence, as suggested by the website, in a nutshell.

When dealing with Emotional Intelligence, it is best that your feelings or actions shouldn’t be centered on you. In truth, it should be directed towards the people around you – ask them how they feel about their current situation, and have the ability to reflect on what they feel. Have a compassionate heart towards your friends by empathizing with them, caring for them, and relating how they fell towards you.

Be a leader, too, by taking responsibility for your actions and feelings. Don’t rely on others to make you happy. Rely on yourself to make yourself happy.

Developing emotional intelligence may take some time and effort, but the most important thing is that you have to be conscious of your actions; you have to be conscious of not just your won feelings but the feelings of others as well.

And just try to follow this advice. This is essential to being successful.

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