Discovering How High Self-Esteem Increases Productivity at Work

By Fay F Niewiadomski –

The Laws of Nature always apply or do they?

Have you, or do you know anyone who has successfully managed to grow a Cedar tree from a Melon seed? My guess is that the answer is “No!” The reason I am so sure of this, is that one of the Laws of Nature is: “you reap what you sow!” Many of you are probably thinking: “well duh, that’s pretty obvious, isn’t it?” My answer is that it can’t be that obvious because so many people are constantly trying to get something for nothing.

Employees in companies, managers in big businesses and we humans in general always want more and we want it for FREE if possible. We want more, more, and more again but we do not want to put in the effort it takes to truly create value.

I am not even sure that the concept of ‘value creation’ is widely understood. Too many people confuse activity and effort with value creation.

Value creation is not just showing up at 8:00 am and leaving at 5:00 pm. It really depends on what you do in between. For example, did you have breakfast, chat with your friends about what happened last night or over the weekend, spend hours on Facebook or browsing the web, take multiple cigarette and bathroom breaks, come late, stay at lunch for longer than you are supposed to and then shut down mind and body well before the end of the day? These activities are about subtracting value NOT adding value.

Research confirms that most employees are no more than 50% productive at work! What a waste of resources and what a waste of a life! You spend 35% of your life at work!!!

To increase your income, you must work all the time you are at work. All your activities must be high value activities and success and advancement will follow. Some examples of value adding activities are: finding creative solutions to problems, reducing the cost of some task, product or service, resolving conflict, creating a new product or service, closing a profitable sale, doing things faster and more accurately, etc.

A great daily exercise is to write 5 to 10 successes you have accomplished at the end of each day. It really helps you to understand what value creation means on a very personal level. Creation is about ADDITION, not about SUBTRACTION!

“You reap what you sow” does apply to every aspect of your life including your job.

Research has shown that most of the world’s problems can be traced down to one root cause: low self-esteem.

We, every human, hold opinions about, a picture of, ourselves as a person. This idea or image is the foundation of our self-esteem and definitely impacts how we feel about, and therefore, how much value we place on ourselves. However, our self-esteem is not set in stone, the way we feel can change.

Being positive, looking for the good, or at least looking for what can be learned from every experience is a very good starting point to increasing our self-esteem. Both being positive and being negative are habit (attitudes) formed during our life.

If we are negative, we are more likely to have lower self-esteem because we are more focused on the mistakes we have made and on our perceived weaknesses. On the other side, the higher our self-esteem, the more likely we are to see ourselves in a more positive light.

If we look at the statement that most problems can be traced back to low self-esteem, we can follow this to be a realistic root to the problem of poor performance, resistance to change and low productivity.

People with high levels of self-esteem are more likely to succeed in both their professional and personal arenas because they do add value. They are willing to pay the price – in time, effort and personal investment – to achieve success, to become better, smarter, stronger and more knowledgeable. The benefit to these individuals will include personal financial and career rewards, a reputation as a professional within their organizations and a high level of recognition as someone who is reliable.

However, the highest level of reward will be personal satisfaction in a job well-done.

Fay Niewiadomski founded ICTN (International Consulting & Training Network) in 1993. ICTN provides complete management services to its clients who are among the leading regional and multinational players. Furthermore, she has worked with CEOs, Board Members, Presidents and Ministers of Government and other Leaders to help them meet the challenges of change within their organizations through creative problem solving, management interventions and powerful communication strategies.

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