Effective Tips to Deal With Hard Times

stressed blue 300Perhaps everyone knows what are hard times in life. At some point, it begins to seem that the whole world is against you.

All people experience unpleasant moments in their lives, but they all cope with them differently. Why is it so that small problem entails a series of misfortunes, and life gradually becomes hopelessly black?

Certainly there are good times and hard times in life. But why some people experience only good times while others constantly try to deal with their life troubles? How to get out of these hard times and avoid them in future? Lets find out…

How to deal with hard times

Your thoughts – the cause of failures

Everything starts within your mind. If something bad happens to you, you begin to think about consequences of this problem and therefore prepare yourself for negativeness. You focus on your problem and your fear even strengthens it.

Thus, this is your own choice and you create your hard times. If you learn how to block negative thoughts, there will be less chances to get into troubles.

The best way to avoid hard times is to create good times in your life. Everything is up to you. Think positive, don’t let negative thoughts control you.

Besides, use affirmations more often, repeat them. Make up some positive phrases for various life situations.

Physical activity

When you experience hard times, the best way in this situation is to make yourself do something. It may be anything.

  • You can start with cleaning your home. By the way, this will help to get rid of negative energy at home.
  • It could be also doing sports. It really helps to think positively and being in good shape helps to improve your mental health.
  • From the same point of view it’s very useful to visit dance classes that will allow you to clear your mind of negative thoughts.


Creativity can distract from negative thoughts and situations. When speaking of creativity I mean any activity that gives you a real pleasure.

When you focus your attention on the things you like and do, there is no space in your mind for negative thoughts.

The harmonious combination of physical and mental energy leads to the fact that you begin to live your life to the fullest.


Often troubles and failures occur in your life, if your heart is full of resentment and anger. All this negativeness is hidden deep inside you.

To attract good things into your life and to cope with hard times, forgive everyone you are angry at.

Perhaps you will have to repeat this process of forgiveness until you clear your mind of negativeness.


The method consists of the fact that once you notice a hint of trouble, immediately begin to behave as if everything is going well, and be thankful for it.

For example, you are sick. In addition to the primary treatment direct all your positive thoughts on recovery. Be thankful for being healthy.

By the way, if you’re expecting some unpleasant news or events happen, you can also use this method, i.e. be thankful for good things in advance.

Daily gratitude for everything that happens to you is a good habit. Be grateful for a good day, for your friends, spouse, for a good health, job, etc. This attitude towards life helps to live your life to the fullest and never get into hard times.

Editor’s note: This post was written by Roman Soluk, personal development writer, author of Optimistic Life (www.oplife.org). Get in touch with him at Google+.

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