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Effects of Natural Miracle Molecules on Leaky Gut Syndrome - Self Improvement

Effects of Natural Miracle Molecules on Leaky Gut Syndrome

Many people are suffering from leaky gut syndrome and are unaware of why they feel so fatigued. The intestine, also called the gut, serves as a resting site to a varying number of bacteria in the body. These bacteria are considered as good bacteria in this location. However, the movement of these same bacteria to other body parts can be quite harmful to the body. The bacteria are generally responsible for food digestion, maintaining the normal lining of the intestinal wall, and normal immune function of the body.

A leaky gut is caused by an increase of bacteria contained in the intestine thereby leading to an increase in the level of permeability of the intestines. The increase in permeability will, therefore, lead to a literal leakage of these toxins from the intestines into other parts of the body, especially the bloodstream, causing harm to the body.

What are the symptoms of leaky gut syndrome

There are a number of associated symptoms with this condition. Some of them include abdominal bloating, skin issues, easy fatigability, and even food allergies. As seamless as these symptoms might seem, they could be a major source of concern, especially when they do persist. Some of the causes attributed to this condition are high intake of alcohol, overuse of NSAIDS, high sugar intake, poor gut health, and stress.

Diseases associated with leaky gut syndrome

Although leaky gut syndrome isn’t deadly in itself, it can lead to other chronic health conditions like chronic liver disease, diabetes, and irritable bowel syndrome which can cause long term health issues. These diseases can take years off your life, so it’s important to keep your leaky gut syndrome under control.

Scientists have also been investigating the impact gut health has on mental health. Scientists called this the gut-brain axis — a connection between the gut and the brain. A 2017 study concluded that mental health conditions like anxiety and depression are linked to poor gut health. Although studies are ongoing, scientists believe that those who have healthier gut flora tend to be less depressed and less anxious.

Another 2017 study concluded that leaky gut syndrome can worsen autoimmune diseases. Certain autoimmune diseases like celiac disease, inflammatory bowel disease, diabetes, and lupus can worsen because of leaky gut syndrome. However, scientists found that eating foods with probiotic properties helped improve symptoms.

It’s important to understand that leaky gut syndrome disrupts the function of key processes in your body —- specifically in your gut. These processes help regulate varying functions, from essential to non-essential. They can also stimulate autoimmune responses when there is not a necessary reason to elicit such an adverse reaction. This is why gut health is vital. There are many ways to do this. The main thing is to keep your gut healthy by eating right, exercise, and avoiding alcohol can help your gut stay in balance.

How can gut health be improved?

As earlier stated, the state of health of the gut can be fully associated with leaky gut syndrome, hence, it is not out of place to expect that proper care of the gut will reduce the chances of this specific condition from occuring.

In taking care of the gut, what you take into the body is a very vital part of it. There are some substances that are generally associated with the improved digestive system, which by extension is improved gut health. Some of these natural substances include Fulvic acid and Humic Acid.

Use of Natural Miracle Molecules For Leaky Gut

Humic acid has been said to possess certain beneficial substances that are probiotic in nature and is more effective in reducing the occurrence of a leaky gut. This is because probiotics are known as ‘good’ bacteria which can stand in handy as a means of improving gut health.

Fulvic acid is a natural substance that is known to bind fulvic trace minerals, prebiotics, and probiotics. In simple words, fulvic acid is considered as a super nutrient as it is known to contain over 50 nutrients that have been proven beneficial to the body, especially the gut health. Some of these nutrients contained in Fulvic acid are antioxidants, prebiotics, probiotics, enzymes, and also natural detoxifying compounds.

As a result of these nutrients, there is increased nutrients in the guts, thereby reducing the occurrence of increased permeability in its walls. The antibacterial property of fulvic acid also helps to protect the organs against possible cases of infections.

Specific Means Through Which These Molecules Can Help

These natural miracle molecule types are recently researched natural acid substances with studies still ongoing on them. One thing, however, is clear; the use of Fulvic acid and Humic acid has been associated with benefits such as increased energy levels, improved digestion, and  better gut health.

Enhances better nutrient absorption

For good gut health to be maintained, there has to be an adequate nutrient provision which will then be converted to the necessary substances needed for its maintenance. In order to ensure this, there has to be an adequate amount of electrolytes to aid the proper flow of these nutrients and ions.

Reduction of intestinal permeability

The inclusion of Humic acid in your diet helps to achieve a reduced level of intestinal permeability. It achieves this by preventing the leakage of toxic or harmful bacteria substances into the bloodstream, thereby reducing the occurrence of painful inflammatory responses.

By utilizing its molecule binding property

These acids are very closely associated with improved gut health and this is as a result of the inherent molecule binding property they possess. This unique property helps in nutrient absorption function of the gut. There are a number of molecules that can be bonded by these acids, including electrolytes, trace minerals, probiotics, and prebiotics. As such, there is a restoration of the normal level of the system’s microbe state.

Enhance optimal body pH level

The use of these acids also helps with maintaining the optimal pH levels of the body. By so doing, the body is protected from inflammations which can also be a major cause for increased intestinal permeability.

Serves as a great detox substance

Known as good natural mineral sources of maintaining good body immunity, the acids fully utilize the transport process of nutrients from the digestive system to other body parts. They can also be considered as good substances to be included in a standard detox plan, helping the body to get rid of possible toxins.


Although a number of healthcare professionals do not consider the leaky gut syndrome as a condition on its own, as they would rather consider it an underlying symptom, the fact still remains that it can be quite harmful when it occurs. Hence, all possible caution and care should be taken to fully manage it, especially in the natural form.

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