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What could be a more natural way to enhance your brain than through a medium it uses already?

If you are trying to recall something you learned a long time ago or studying a new subject, you would use a familiar language.  You wouldn’t study it in a foreign language. You wouldn’t pick up some of the subtleties as you would if learning something in your mother-tongue. 

So when training your brain to acquire a new skill, or sharpen one you already possess, would you not rather use a “language” it speaks already?  

This is precisely how the Synctuition programs work to re-train your intuition. It increases your intuition through 3D sound in the form of binaural beat journeys, a language familiar to the brain. Isn’t this an easier way to enhance your brain?

How does it do this?

There are two main processes at work when you are attempting to enhance brain function for dormant and underused traits: The power of suggestion while being in a hypnotic  state. These two work hand in glove.

Hypnotic Suggestion

Entering a hypnotic state manipulates your brain to produce the slow brainwave oscillations required to make the next step, suggestion, work. So, if you thought this was the stuff you see on stage at magic shows, here’s actually what the science says.

“Brain oscillations represent the combined electrical activity of neuronal assemblies. Scientists measure these as specific frequencies representing slower (delta, theta, alpha) and faster (beta, gamma) oscillations. Hypnosis links to power in the theta band and changes in gamma activity. It is believed that these oscillations play a critical role in both the recording and recall of declarative memory and emotional limbic circuits… (Jensen, Adachi, and Hakimian. Brain oscillations, hypnosis, and hypnotizability. Am. J. Clin. Hypn., 57(3):230–253, 2015.)

Some of us need no paperwork to be convinced and are intuitively aware of the power of suggestion under hypnosis.  We understand that sound and soundwave manipulation helps you achieve a hypnotic state. 

Binaural brainwave training

Karino, Yumoto, et al have been able to “confirm that the activity of the human cerebral cortex can be synchronized with slow Binaural Beats by using information on the changing interaural phase differences (IPD). (Neuromagnetic responses to binaural beat in the human cerebral cortex. Karino, Yumoto, et al. J. Neurophysiol., October 2006.)

Therefore utilizing binaural beats seems to be the simple way to self-induce hypnosis, by synchronizing the slower gamma and theta brainwaves, to achieve the optimal state for a suggestion to be implanted, thereafter enabling the retraining of your brain.  (Mark P Jensen, Tomonori Adachi, and Shahin Hakimian. Brain oscillations, hypnosis, and hypnotizability. Am. J. Clin. Hypn., 57(3):230–253, 2015.)  (Shotaro Karino, Masato Yumoto, Kenji Itoh, Akira Uno, Keiko Yamakawa, Sotaro Sekimoto, and Kimitaka Kaga. Neuromagnetic responses to binaural beat in the human cerebral cortex. J. Neurophysiol., 96(4):1927–1938, October 2006.)

Binaural sounds can be used effectively to tap into your brain on a soundwave-brainwave level and access functions and processes that are present already, but not being used or recognized.

It’s there already, sharpen it

Synctuition’s specific audio programs, by design, tap into these intuitive pathways and retrain your brain to recognize and use them in a more conscious way. Simply listen to these audio tracks before you fall asleep. Your brain enters the relaxed state required to repeat and recode it into your neural networks.

We can still access the intuitive mind, even though this practice has been lying dormant or undervalued. The binaural programs available through Synctuition are not teaching your brain something new. They access deeply rooted abilities. We all possess these abilities. But we unlearned them in school, life and work. We learned to emphasize the rational over the intuitive.

Once we recall these abilities,  we recognize and use them. This enhances your brain. The time between recall, recognition, and use gets shorter as we use this skill more. Using binaural training regularly makes this entire process easier, quicker until they become part of our natural behavior.

So why are you waiting? Start with a free track at Synctuition.com, enhance your brain, and unleash your full potential.

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