Exploring Nature: My Journey to Meet Peace of Mind

The greatest minds of this world have nothing in common except for a very high IQ.  All of these people excelled in their skills far beyond being considered average or mediocre. We will never know the exact reasons how these individuals surpassed their peers in their field of specialization. To get ahead of the competition you need to have peace of mind to pursue your dreams enthusiastically. Exploring nature in all of its glory is one of the easiest ways to achieve peace and tranquility in all aspects of your life.

Today it takes much more to become well-renowned for an exceptional performance than it did in the times of yesteryears. Not only are there so many more contenders but performance standards have also intensified. Without peace of mind, individuals are doomed to fail to achieve daily goals let alone becoming a famous personality for an accomplishment in their field of specialization. No matter how much scientific knowledge mankind gains, it can learn more simply by exploring nature.

Nature Relaxes

The more humanity is evolving, the more time people are spending indoors rather than outdoors exploring nature. Being indoors has adverse effects on all our basic five senses. The more intellectually evolved mankind has become the more our physical abilities have deteriorated and breaking up with bad habits has become even more difficult. Urban living or living in the city can have adverse effects on sleep patterns and cardiovascular health.

Without the soothing effects of nature, mankind has become increasingly stressed. People living in the city have trouble falling asleep even when they are physically tired. Their mind does not doze off as quickly. Even when city dwellers do fall asleep achieving peace of mind is not so easy. Individuals are exposed to excessive pollution and the noise of traffic. This makes it more likely to develop cardiovascular diseases in the long run.

Our predecessors told us about the goodness of nature but without any tangible proof. Stanford researchers investigated the effects of walking in a natural environment in comparison to walking in city surroundings. The researchers concluded that, in the long run, the participants walking in the natural environment had lower chances of depression. The mental health of the individuals walking in the natural environment improved radically in comparison to the people walking in the city.

Nature Rejuvenates

The modern world understands the benefits of staying organized using technology. But we don’t realize that each one of those gadgets is vying for our attention. Scientists conclude that our minds were not built for this kind of frequent bombardment of information with a repeated inquisition to the brain for rapid decision-making skills. Our peace of mind is affected negatively each time we have to deal with so many electronic devices at once. Each machine does have its own processor to help it function, but our body only has one processor which has to deal with so many devices.

When people are using their personal devices, they are almost always doing something else as well. Performance in either one of the two tasks will suffer when we attempt to multitask like this. Either you might end up saying something that you don’t want to, or you might end up putting too much sugar in your coffee.

Disconnecting from electronic devices and exploring nature is actually more invigorating for the body and mind. Instead of being distracted by the buzz of several personal devices and having to deal with each one, the mind gains vitality after dissociating from them. The mind’s creativity level increases and it rejuvenates itself when we disconnect from technology and start revisiting Mother Nature.

Nature Restores

Obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure, bone and liver problems are just some of the diseases which can occur from  overeating junk food. When we start exploring nature it is rare to find foods which have only adverse effects. Dietitians recommend including natural single-ingredient foods to achieve both peace of mind and a nutritious diet. In the US the term ‘natural’ refers to foods which do not contain any artificial ingredients, artificial colors and in the case of poultry and meat they can only be slightly processed. Let’s look at some of the advantages of eating beans, fruits, vegetables, and dairy products.

  • Achieving Radiant Skin: Eating olive oil, raw vegetables and beans helps reduce the loss of elasticity in skin and wrinkling in old age. Prevention or reduction of acne is one of the benefits of switching to a natural diet from a more Western (processed) diet.
  • Cardiovascular Health: Natural food sources are filled with nutrients and antioxidants which help improve cardiovascular health. These nutrients are also conducive to help prevent bloating.
  • Packed with Nutritional Value: 1 Brazil nut is sufficient for an entire day’s worth of selenium. One cup of broccoli or red bell peppers contain more than 100% of the recommended daily intake (RDI) for vitamin C.
  • High fiber: Fiber is an essential nutrient which helps in lowering cholesterol, preventing kidney stones, cancer and strokes. It also does wonders for your skin and helps manage weight. Beans, peas, nuts, seeds, fruits, and vegetables are all excellent sources of fiber.
  • Good for teeth, hair & eyesight: Eating fresh fruits and vegetables is one of the best ways to maintain a beautiful smile. Carrots contain a variety of nutrients which help maintain good vision even in the dark of night. Eggs, berries, spinach, and nuts stimulate the right muscles to ensure proper hair growth.

Eating natural food sources also has psychological benefits to help maintain peace of mind. Exploring the nature of food sources can help the body develop an energetic and potent immune system. Consuming natural food sources are especially fruitful for growing children.

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