Feed Your Mind Right: What You Listen To, Read and Watch Matters

reading bookMost of us totally disregard what our mind does for us every day. Scientifically, the mind is responsible for all of the actions that we do and the emotions that we are feeling every day. In the context of what the mind does and can do for us, it may be right to think about what we do every day to and for our minds. What do we do to feed it?

It can never be denied that our mind is just like any other part of our body, in that if we don’t use it right, it will lessen its capacity to do more than it should. It needs to be stimulated, fed and taken care of. Basically, it is very important to know that our mind absorbs everything; experiences, emotions, knowledge, and everything that we feed it. For our mouth and stomach, we can consciously choose what kind of food to chew and digest. For our mind, however it is much more complicated than that. Our mind can unconsciously take in whatever experiences and emotions we feel every day. A person actually needs to learn to process these experiences every day, otherwise, these will all be stored in our mind, whether they are negative or positive, they will all get in and affect us in the long run.

What You Listen to, Read and Watch Matters

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So, now that you know that anything can affect you and your mind based on your daily experiences, it may be a good move to start consciously feeding your mind with whatever is good for it. Start screening and make a conscious effort to only process the positive things. Whatever “garbage” you choose to plant in your head, will come out as “garbage” in your words, your actions, and your experiences.

Here are some of the things that will affect your mind both in good and bad terms. You just need to be smart enough to know the difference.


Classical music is known to stimulate the brain in ways that you cannot imagine. Leave out the opinion of others who don’t know better that it’s dull and boring. It is actually a very intelligent approach to music appreciation. Doctors even recommend classical music to pregnant women, as well as background music for babies in their sleeping time. Whether it’s piano, orchestral or violin classical music, they release some stimulants in the brain to help you become do better at what you are currently doing.

Aside from the classical genre, you can also enjoy pop music, especially those with positive messages. There are many popular songs with lyrics that make you feel better about yourself. The essence of music is really just to produce good vibes within you.

Is there music that’s bad for you? It’s really more of a preference issue, but if you really want to make some positive changes in your life, then listening to negative and angry music may not push you towards that goal of positivity. According to studies, listening to loud and angry music can help cater to an angry and rebellious personality. This usually has an effect on teenagers and young people who do not feel the necessity to do some screening process on the things that they listen to and unconsciously create an impact to their behavior.

You don’t necessarily have to just sit down and listen to music to feed your mind. You can listen to some positive classical music in your day to day activities like, cooking, working out, cleaning the house and even driving.

Reading Materials to Feed Your Mind

Generally, reading is good for your brain. However, if you want to stimulate your mind and make it think deeper and become much more analytical, you may want to lessen your subscriptions of magazines that tell you which celebrities looked pretty and who among them looked horrible in their dresses at a certain Hollywood function. It would be fun reading those, for sure, and if it makes you happy, then you should not deprive yourself. It is also important, however, that you try to keep these to a minimum and create a balance. Do read inspirational books that will make you wiser as well as love yourself and others better. If you’re a parent, reading children’s books to your kids has a fantastic educational and bonding impact on both parties.

You don’t have to study Physics or Philosophy like there’s an upcoming exam. There are hundreds of magazine subscriptions that cover the developments in Science and Technology, the economy, society and various cultures in the world, as well as bestselling books that bring positivity to the world. Do read those. You will be amazed at how well your mind can retain these pieces of information and bring positive impact to your life, especially if it is a subject of interest.


Technology has done very many good things to the people of the world, and the television is one that has not disappeared in the limelight. It has even spurred people on to use this as the main source of entertainment. Do you notice the existence of the flat screen in the kitchen, in the living room, in the bedrooms, and even the dining room where people are supposed to eat and talk as a family? Is television bad? Not necessarily, but as much as you can, the idle time should be spent on more productive things. If you have kids, do not let television be a box that serves as the sole resource where they learn things. Books and music are good resources too.

There are a lot of educational things you can see on television, but it still needs the guidance of parents. For the adults on the other hand, there lays a bigger task to be responsible on what kind of things you want to get from this box. You have to be able to process these things. You are what you watch on television, and it will eat you up if you let it.

The Internet

Everything is on the Internet. The music, the movies, the books, the shows, pornography, art, stores; name it and the Internet’s got it. Before you click on your browser, there has to be a decision made within you, that now, and moving forward, you will learn to identify what’s good for your mind and what isn’t.

Your mind is responsible for the many things that you do, and if you haven’t been feeding it right, then you now know what the reason is behind your failures and negative feelings. Garbage in, garbage out. Will you allow garbage inside your head? Think about it.

Your outer world is created by your inner world and your inner world is governed by thought. Drew Davis, owner of http://www.mindset2succeed.com is fascinated with the power of the mind and continuously researches this subject. Learn more now Got Good Thinking?

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