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Glasses Wearers — How to Stop Touching your Face During the COVID-19 Crisis - Self Improvement

Glasses Wearers — How to Stop Touching your Face During the COVID-19 Crisis

Did you know that human beings are one of the only species alive which constantly touch their own faces? We just love nothing more than putting our hands near our chins, noses and eyes, which we do even more if you are one of the 64% of people who wear prescription glasses.

Perhaps not something we gave much thought to prior to the arrival of the COVID-19 crisis – but actually, face touching is one of the top culprits for spreading germs, and increasing our chances of catching infections and diseases. With the average person touching their face approximately 16 times an hour, it might be time to pay more attention to our unconscious habits. Here you will find some top tips for reducing your hand-to-face contact in daily life, even if you are a glasses wearer. Take a look…

Observe your triggers

Perhaps not surprisingly, regular face touching is part of a well built-in habit which, over time, has become second nature. But you’ll find that these almost automatic movements have triggers. Do you rub your eyes when you’re frustrated or tired? Do your hands find themselves over your mouth if you’re surprised about something or even happy? You’re not alone – emotional triggers like this are one of the biggest reasons we touch our face. You can train yourself to observe these triggers, even just planning to watch them a little more closely is training your mind to notice more when they happen. Give it a try! You might be surprised how often you are doing it.

Clean your frames and lenses each morning

Especially if you’ve been wearing glasses for years, you’re very likely to reach for them in the morning and put them straight onto your face. Quite often they have been sat on the nightstand or bedside table all night, gathering dust. It’s obvious once you think about it, but that five seconds giving them a quick morning clean will drastically reduce the dirt on the frames, therefore the dirt going close to your eyes. The result? You’ll be less likely to find yourself scratching or rubbing your eyes. Check out this funky lens cloth from Arlo Wolf if you could do with a fresh one!

Ask your partner or friend

Nothing beats an outside observer when it comes to catching you in the act with bad habits. Why not ask your partner to look out for you touching your face? This works in two ways – one, you are twice as likely to have your face touching brought to your attention, and two, knowing something is watching for it will keep it fresh in your mind, and you’ll be less likely to do it! If you’re comfortable enough with your partner or friend, give it a try just for a 30 minute period and see what happens.

Keep your hands busy — but clean

Whether it’s folding clothes, going through the mail, or cooking dinner, we like to keep our hands busy most of the time. Even if you use a computer at work, you’re likely to use your hands a lot. Busy is good, as boredom can lead to more face touching than when you’ve got a lot to be doing. Just remember to keep them as clean as possible between tasks – the act of hand washing alone is a reminder that you should reduce the spreading of germs at all costs. Old habits die hard, but nothing sees them off better than getting new ones! To practise hand washing as frequently as possible.

Change your glasses frames

How long have you had your glasses frames? Do you only have one pair or perhaps you usually wear contact lenses all the time? Whether you’re after a change of look or it’s just time for fresh, clean, new frames, this is the time to do it.

Lockdown and the COVID-19 crisis may not be the time to go glasses shopping in the shops, but thankfully there is a way you can do it without leaving your house. Check out the try before you buy glasses service from Arlo Wolf – where you can get a range of frames delivered to you at home. There’s even an online eye test to put your eyes to the test without going anywhere. Take a look.

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