Gratitude Is A Great Self Improvement Technique

By Jeanne Hoagland-Smith

Have you ever considered gratitude as part of your overall self improvement strategy? Maybe by leveraging this value, it can help you get to where you want to go.

The other day while waiting for an early morning breakfast appointment, I had time to set and observe numerous people coming into the local restaurant.  Each person was a different case study of human nature.

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Several of the incoming customers as well as existing customers were elderly. For me at the age of 56, elderly means to be over 70.  These seasoned citizens walked slowly and in come cases great difficulty.  I was so grateful that at my younger age compared to these individuals that I was relatively healthy.

Another customer was a woman who appeared to be her in 50’s.  She was extremely overweight.  This may have been due to a health condition or by her own choice.

Again, I was filled with gratitude that for the most part, I continue to make good choices about the foods that I eat.  And, I am grateful that I am aware of some past family medical conditions including diabetes and that I truly have learned to listen to what my body is telling me.

The last group I observed was 3 women, again in their fifties. One woman had a significant limp and trouble walking.  This might have been the result of a childhood illness such as polio or maybe something from birth.  As I watched her move slowly from the parking lot into the restaurant, I was so grateful that I can still walk without any restrictions.

Our ability to acknowledge gratitude or to be grateful is a terrific self improvement technique. By taking such actions, we stay authentic. When we are in the moment, we can see everything that we have by seeing what we do not have.

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