Happy Birthday!

Today is my birthday and I’m older than dirt. They say there is wisdom in grey hairs and I’m wondering if that applies if you tint and streak the gray out of those tresses. I hope so. I’ve learned a lot over my xx number of years and I still have a lot to learn because I intend to make it to 100 or so. (God help us all.) My birthday is always a day to reassess my situation, like Fagan sang in the musical Oliver. This time I will do it on this blog.

Am I a success yet? I really don’t know. Part of the problem is that I never arrived at my own definition of success or a successful life although I do have some definite ideas about that. At one point – in  the earlier part of my life – I believed success had to do with a healthy bank account, accumulating lovely things and acquiring knowledge, hopefully some wisdom, family and good friends.  Now those parameters have changed a bit.  And I have to measure my success by answering the following questions:

  1. How much have I loved? Have I loved unconditionally? Ever?
  2. How much have I laughed? Has joy been a part of my every day life? Did I get too serious to remember to laugh?
  3. How well have I served? Did I serve with compassion or out of guilt? Did I serve those who needed it the most or those I chose to serve for some personal reason?
  4. How well did I care for those things given me? Was I a good steward of my finances,  the lovely things, my home?
  5. Was I generous to those in need? Did I sometimes give when it hurt to do so? Did I do that with a loving heart?
  6. How positive are my thoughts?
  7. Have I followed my heart or have I followed what everyone else told me I should do?
  8. Have I remembered to be grateful for all the many blessings I have received? Do I thank God every day – in fact many times a day for my wonderful life?
  9. Have I stayed in alignment with the Divine?

What am I most grateful for?

  1. My sons and grandsons – each so beautiful in his own uniquely wonderful way.
  2. Living in America
  3. The fantastic memories and the promise of more to come.
  4. Good friends.
  5. Good health.
  6. And I could go on and on but it would make this blog post much too long and I have to go about celebrating my entry into ancientdom.

I hope your day and your life is as much fun as mine.  And I’ll continue to work on my definition of success. What’s your definition?

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