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Happy Mother's Day to all Mothers and Grandmothers - Self Improvement

Happy Mother’s Day to all Mothers and Grandmothers

This year, in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is more important than ever to remember mothers and all they do to keep us safe, fed, clean, mobile and loved. Many mothers today are working in hospitals and emergency clinics to help those who are affected with this terrible disease.

Happy Mother’s Day

And so we join together in saying “Happy mother’s day.” If you can, relax and enjoy your day. Take time to pamper yourself and allow yourself to be pampered by those who love you.

My “most favored role” in life is being a mother and now a grandmother. I have two wonderful sons who tell me almost every day that they love me and they show me love in so many ways.

I don’t need gifts for Mother’s Day. They are my gifts.

I have grandsons, too, and they are indeed special. Each one is so different and brings a special gift even when they aren’t aware that they are giving it—a sweet smile, an unsolicited “I love you, Grandma,” an, “I’ve missed you.”

I love to hear from each of them and they don’t disappoint me. It’s tough being a teen these days and my two teenage grandsons give me hope for the future. They are so special. My first graduated from high school two years and my youngest will be in sixth grade when school starts in the Fall.

I have done a lot of things in my lifetime. Starting with a long career in nursing, I worked in a number of places and positions, including teaching in the College of Nursing at ASU. I married a politician and helped in his campaigns. During this time I did a lot of public speaking and traveled all over the country to do so. I  served as President of a few organizations. For a time I headed up a department of nursing in a local hospital and later served in the state Department of Health Services. I have headed up projects, written a couple of books and tried my hand at things way out of my league.

None of these presented the challenges nor brought the joy and satisfaction that I gained from being the mother of Christopher and Kevin.

None stirred my heart to such love as their sons do now when they call me “Grandma.”

I see mothers everywhere struggling to work full time and be a full-time mom. I feel a special twinge sympathy for them, knowing that they are doing the best they can in both areas. Mothers with worried faces because of sick children bring a special tug at my heart. I wish I could console them and promise that “everything will be o.k. ” And toddlers with wilted flowers they picked for Mommy make my heart sing. Mothers loving on their children as so very special.

No matter how old you and your children become they are still your “little girls and boys.”

As you age, you remember more vividly the cute things they did and said as tiny children. Years make you tend to forget the heartaches you felt when they were teenagers exploring all the items on life’s menu. You remember, instead, the proud moments—the first job, the firsts girlfriend or boyfriend, the proms, the weddings, the first grandchildren.

There is no job title that I had that even begins to equal the honor I feel when I hear the greeting from one of my sons. Hi, Mom!

Mom is the best title of all. 

Happy Mother’s Day to each of you who are celebrating today.

Thank you to my sons and grandsons for simply being you.

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