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musicBy Noah Mark Rodolfo

As a human being, we love and enjoy music in general. Everyone has a different taste of music. Singing for example can be enjoyed by any individual without any hindrances. Did you know that there is a different effects for every kind of music? Every song defines emotions and the way the singer delivers can be so powerful that the listener can feel it within himself even without understanding the words.

Singing is a silent healer were mostly are not aware of. An enjoyable hobby can be your alternative healthy craze. Study shows that singing provides therapeutic benefits to every singer giving them relief to some illnesses. Below are some of the health benefits of singing.

1.Good for mental therapy – Singing contributes greatly on diseases which affects brain’s mental capacity. Known for its great contribution for Alzheimer’s disease. The lyrics of a song remains in the memory which helps patients to use singing as a medium for communication.

2.Boost Immune System – It is proven that performers and singers have more higher levels of immunoglobulin A and cortisol, a substance responsible for body immunity. Other benefits includes lung capacity improvement, high energy, relieve asthma and proper posture.

3.Stress reliever – While singing, one show deep feelings and emotions which creates an amazing release on stress levels. Singing relaxes our mental state thus making us feel better.

4.Another form of exercise – Medical practitioners believed that singing can be included as another kind of aerobic exercise. This can be supported because frequent singing can be a way of therapy for people who has psychological conditions.

5.Builds confidence – This is the most important benefit you will get from singing. Music as a whole can give you improve your level of confidence. Mainly decrease anxiety and encourages social interaction.

Singing is fun and enjoyable. Make singing a habit to bolster your self-image, improve over all body health and long lasting good relationship with others.

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