Help for the Home: 5 Things That Keep Your House Organized

It may not be spring, but that is no excuse for not having a neat, organized home. When everything is properly organized, you and your family will not be constantly hunting for items you cannot find. Additionally, when company comes over, they will think that you are amazing at keeping house, and not a lazy slob—especially when the company turns out to be your parents. Here are five tips to help you to keep your house organized.

Get Your Garage Ship-shape

Even if no one ever goes into the garage, a messy garage is a sign of disorganization that can spread throughout the rest of the house. By getting your tools in their proper places, stacking loose pieces of stray lumber against one wall and moving boxed items out of the middle of the floor, you may start to realize that there is enough room in your garage to park the car.

One thing you will not want to forget is to use your wall space. Garage walls are great for hanging things on hooks.

Tackle Your Closets

Closet space is truly golden. When you need to store boxes of winter clothing or hide something you do not want others to see, having a well-organized closet can help you make the room to do precisely that. Putting in a shelving system for folded clothing will also make it possible to plan out outfits. This will save you tons of time when you are not sure what to wear.

Build a Stand for Your Entertainment Center

Your television, gaming system, and remotes are always scattered all across the living room. Half the time you are left hunting for a remote or tripping over stray chords. By building a functional entertainment center stand, you will be able to keep remotes in their own special place.

Your game system will not get kicked around and you can hide all those chords that serve as trip hazards in their own little back compartment. In fact, you can even get your hands on quality extension cords and design a less hazardous way to run cables.

Your Laundry Room

With boxes, bottles, and tubs of powdered detergents cluttering up the top of your washer and dryer, your laundry room looks like the last place you want to wash your clothing. The best way to handle this problem is to get three baskets to file different types of clothes in darks, whites, and items of clothing that have to be handled in very specific ways.

Installing a wire shelf over the washer and dryer will provide the perfect space to store all those unsightly boxes, bottles and tubs of detergent. Now your laundry room is starting to look like a place for getting your clothes clean.

The Kid’s Rooms

Kids will be kids, and they will leave all their toys and other items all over the floor. The organization can be implemented, not just by adding shelves and boxes to place items in, but by introducing a little discipline in how your children handle their possessions.

Teach your children how to put things away, when they are done playing with them. Not only will they have clean, organized rooms, but they will also start to take better care of toys and other items you allow them to have. Organization around the home begins with putting things where they belong when you are done using them.

As your children practice this good habit, organization around the home will become second nature. This will make keeping your home neatly organized much easier because everyone will be doing their part.


Organization is not an ancient secret. At first, it will seem difficult to get your home organized. Over time, you will have a system in place that makes staying organized much easier. Just remember to not get lazy. Stick to the system that best helps you maintain the level of organization you expect around your home.

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