How 9 Creative Minds Got Their Ideas—An Infographic

Most people want to be able to create something worthwhile—a work or art, a fascinating manuscript, an invention that everyone would want to buy and use, a video that goes viral and on and on. In spite of what you may believe, most of us have creative minds in some area. Sometimes the creative juices flow and sometimes they just don’t. Nothing comes to mind. There is no spark of inspiration. You sit there and wait.


You take a break. Perhaps you get a snack or play a game or take a nap.

You return to the creative task at hand.

Nothing. You draw a blank.

There are many articles you can read to give you ideas on how to get unstuck. You can buy books, watch videos, or talk to an expert.

Some of the past great creatives had their own ideas about how to get unstuck and knowing their solution might get you going. On the other hand the good laugh you get at some of their solutions, might light that creative spark and get you going again.   Thanks to Luke Doyle of for sending us the Infographic.  The infographic was designed by by  and  posted originally at 

Creative Minds and Their Solutions—An Infographic


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