How Depression Can Lead to Your Emancipation

There is an extreme uncomfortableness associated with speaking about depression. But the fact is that everyone is dealing with it. It’s simply part of the human experience; therefore, it is not a topic or life experience that should carry a lot of shame. In fact, if you look inward during periods of depression, you can turn these moments into moments of self-discovery and a beautiful metamorphosis.

What is Depression?

It is important to understand what depression is before putting together a strategy on how to best manage its symptoms. Scientifically speaking, depression is a chemical imbalance in the brain which is caused by having your sense of pleasure exhausted. Your emotions are tired and you do not find joy in the everyday. You go through excruciating mental battles of a range of hurtful emotions which include worthlessness, guilt, shame, sadness, and defeatism. If left unaddressed they can lead to dark or suicidal thoughts.

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We as human beings are comprised of three components:

  • The body or otherwise known as world consciousness. We need our bodies to determine if it’s hot or cold outside.
  • The soul or better known as self-consciousness. Our souls are the memories we store in our minds that help us shape how and what to think of ourselves.
  • The spirit, also known as God consciousness, or the Universe, or however one describes the source of all Power. This is where hope and faith reside.

It is important to attend to all three of these areas in order to become fully whole and balanced. If any of these three are neglected, this creates a dysfunction of a polluted mind, and because your mind is your reality, this negatively affects the way you think, how you feel and the way you behave. All three of the areas that make up the human construct are compromised when dealing with depression; your body is fatigued, your mind plays tricks on you and you lose all faith and hope in your spirit.

How can I Manage Depression?

The best way to manage depression is to challenge the thoughts that are going on in your head about circumstances, about others and about yourself. It is important to really get quiet about the thoughts that are running around in your head and reclaim power. Reclaiming power means switching your mindset from feeling like a victim to feeling like the universe is providing you with an opportunity to discover yourself and recognize the strength that you have buried in your spirit; that, otherwise would not have emerged had you not been presented with dark moments that forced you to tap into this area of your making.

Science proves that the best way for humans to learn is through pain. There is a Buddhist saying that says when you get hurt, the result is pain and this type of pain cannot be controlled. However, what can be controlled is your reaction to the pain; the getting angry, the planning of revenge, or alternatively accepting the pain as an opportunity to get better. You can either choose to create suffering or create an opportunity for an emancipation, an opportunity to turn into a better version of yourself. It is only through pain that we learn to value pleasure. Embrace the pain, it is an opportunity for growth and a beautiful metamorphosis.

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