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How Education Changes Lives and Why You Should Seize Opportunities - Self Improvement

How Education Changes Lives and Why You Should Seize Opportunities

Educating yourself is incredibly important no matter your profession, where you live, or where you came from. Education is the great equalizer, and with proper access to education, anyone has the potential to change the world for the better. Even if you’re simply educating yourself by researching a hobby, or just reading a book for pleasure, education has a transformative power that can’t be matched.

Increased Earning Potential

One of the more concrete, tangible benefits of education is that it helps increase your overall earning potential throughout your life. People who have earned a degree consistently make more money over the course of their lives than those who only obtained their high school diploma. While, of course, going to college or university generally means that you’ll have to take out a significant amount of loans, over time college degrees have still proven to pay for themselves.

While education increases your ability to generate income in the future, it’s also the reality that having more income going into college allows people to obtain a better education. However, with the right amount of drive and perseverance, anyone can get into the top universities — educators recognize when someone has the potential to become someone great. Even if you don’t have the head start of coming from a wealthy background, you can still make the necessary moves to get into any college that you choose.

In addition to the potential monetary gains you’ll experience from pursuing higher education, college and university also provide an opportunity to grow and learn about who you are and what you’re interested in. With access to many different courses, higher education allows you to dip your toes into many different fields to see what sparks joy in you. You may go into college sure that you want to be a chemical engineer, and end up becoming a psychologist because you fell in love with it the first time you took a course in it.

Education Doesn’t Have To Mean Going To College

While higher education is certainly a boon to your personal development and career goals, it isn’t always necessary to achieve your goals. In fact, many people have been making the decision to forgo traditional colleges and universities to attend trade schools or community colleges. In the past, these forms of education have been portrayed as somehow lesser than going to college or university, but in the modern era that simply isn’t the case.

Trade schools offer focused education primarily geared towards career training for skilled or mechanical trades. This option is appealing to a lot of people because trade schools cost significantly less and take less time than traditional higher education and give you a skill set that you can use immediately after graduation. This allows you to start making money sooner, and since the debt associated with further pursuing your education will be less significant, you’ll be able to pay it off in less time.

Going to community college is also a more affordable option for those who don’t want to saddle themselves with extreme debt but still want a more rounded education than trade schools provide. Community colleges teach the soft skills that you’ll need for career advancement and personal growth without the price tag associated with traditional colleges and universities. Most of the soft skills that you can learn in community college can even be learned through free online courses, reducing the cost of learning to just your monthly internet bill.

All Ages Benefit From Education

Children and adults of all ages can benefit from even basic education. Literacy, basic mathematical understanding, and general life skills should not be taken for granted, as there are still many populations in the world that don’t have access to the education that can teach these skills. What we might consider a given, like the ability to pick up any book and give it a read, could mean all the difference to someone on the other side of the world.

While education should, by all means, be a right to every living person, it is still very much a privilege that we should be thankful to have access to. Developing countries need education to combat poverty, and while gains are being made, in 2015 there were still nearly 750 million illiterate adults around the world. This lack of education is extremely harmful and is one of the many reasons that poverty persists worldwide.

Technology is changing this situation every day. More people around the world have access to reliable internet connections than ever before, and with that comes the ability to educate themselves in a way that was previously unheard of. As we all become more connected, we provide each other with the collective knowledge of mankind and help each other, young or old, become the best that we can be.

Education should not be something set aside for later. Pursuing an education is one of the most beneficial things that you can ever do for yourself, and it has the potential to drastically change your life for the better. Whether you attend college, go to a trade school, or simply read up on things that interest you, education is truly the key to success.

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