How These 5 Habits Helped Me Boost My Productivity

Feeling unproductive can be very demotivating. We all have been there; often, we lose our productivity at work. But if this thing dwells, it can cause trouble.

I was one of those people who finished their work in the blink of an eye. I am a 21-year-old freelance writer. When I started my career in freelancing, it thrilled me. All of my clients were equally happy. I was completing my projects at a breakneck speed. But with time, I started facing trouble.

Something started messing with my productivity. I don’t know why, but now it was impossible to complete a small project which I could easily finish in a few hours. I was not feeling productive like I used to feel before. Procrastination became my second nature. I was barely completing any projects. How could you work efficiently if you are not in the right mood?

I thought it was just burnout, but amid that period, somehow, my mind just picked up the habit of procrastination.

I was in that condition for months. But then I started searching for productivity tips on the internet. After spending a long time reading books, blog articles, and podcasts, I collected 25 ways to boost my productivity.

Now it was the time for implementation.

Trust me, when I implemented the tricks, I faced a dead end. Honestly saying, the tricks were not as promising as I thought. They worked for some time, but it doesn’t take me long to return to my former state. Most tricks that I had accumulated after research of 1 month were faded promises. Out of 25, only a few of them worked best for me as the Pareto principle states that only 20 percent of your work would show 80 percent of the results. It was true.

But the few of them worked wonderfully. With time they have helped me regain my productivity & optimism. Eventually, after applying them for months, they have become my habits.

In this article, I will thoroughly discuss the same five tricks that helped me in my life, and I will also share the mistakes I have made so you can learn from that. They are easy to implement; that’s why anyone could quickly implement them in their life.

5 Habits Helped Me Boost My Productivity

1. Habit Of Not Being A Multi-tasker

The human mind did not develop for multitasking. There are still many debates going on this topic, whether humans can do multitasking. But I think multitasking is not for us.

In 2009, the University of Scranton concluded that those would do heavy multitasking, are less mentally organized. They struggle to shift their attention from one task to another.

I have faced this. Switching from one task to another decreases attention span. If we want incredible output, we should devote our entire focus on one thing. I was also a victim of this, thinking I can do multiple tasks at once. I thought I could quickly complete two projects at a time. But doing this always put me in trouble, as I could not work effectively without devoting my focus on a single task.

We are just draining our precious mental energy by dividing our focus. When I started doing my work while being focused only on a single task, I could finish it quickly. It surprised me that this silly mistake of mine was causing me so much trouble.

2. Habit Of Being Proactive

In his book “7 Habits Of Highly Effective People,” Stephen Covey stated that the most productive people are always proactive. I have dealt with this issue in my past. I have lost much time because of being retroactive. Do you know that there are three types of productivity crushers?

  1. Comparing.
  2. Complaining.
  3. Criticizing.

Only comparing yourself with others pulls you off to complaining and hence criticizing. This scenario ends up creating a loop where we are wasting our precious mental energy on the things that don’t matter. I have made this mistake in the past, and it was the biggest productivity crusher for me.

Sometimes it leads to self-criticism and overthinking. Because of this, I have spent many nights without sleeping.

Being in this loop creates negativity, and it may lead to a complete shutdown of your productivity. We need to understand that our only competition is with ourselves. If we think proactively, then it may lead to self-improvement, which is always better.

3. Habit Of Implementing Break

I think that taking a break between work is very crucial. Not to get distracted from the work but to improve our focus. I have found that chaining myself with my working table drastically decreases my attention.

We have limited focus, but we end up using it on a single task most of the time. So we have to inculcate tiny breaks in our routine. Not including a break in my schedule increases my overall stress. If we continue with this approach, it ends up having a snowball effect and leads to burnout.

When I started taking a break during my work, it drastically improved my productivity. I was not scrolling on social media during my breaks. To freshen up my mind, I started listening to soothing music, take a quick nap, stretch a bit, and eat a little. Try this by yourself. Doing this would add more optimism and productivity in your mind.

4. Habit Of Scheduling

Scheduling your task between the most critical & less relevant saves much time, but it also increases your work efficiency. I have been using the Eisenhower Decision Matrix for scheduling my tasks. Seriously, it works better than it promises.

If you want to inculcate it, you need to write your 20 tasks of the day (To-Do-List). Then divide them into the four categories given below:

a.) Most Important.

b.) Less Important.

c.) Important.

d.) Not Important.

After this, schedule your task in these four quadrants. You only need 5 to 10 minutes to do this, but they can save your lot of time.

In this way, you will complete the most important tasks of the day and still have much time to relax.

5. Habit Of Meditation.

I love meditation; only 5 minutes of meditation can lift your mood, fill you up with positivity, increase focus, and mental strength.

I knew that meditation is very beneficial, but I was not doing it daily. But this perception of mine also changed while I was researching. After only 5 minutes, my positivity, productivity, and almost all traits significantly improved. When you want to do your work more effectively, starting your day with positivity is essential. That’s where the magical benefits of meditation helped me.

I have created a habit of doing 5 to 10 minutes of meditation before starting my daily work. Trust me, it helped me a lot in my creativity, working efficiently, and positivity. Now I can calm my mind quickly with meditation.

Before meditation, I used to feel stressed and depressed most of the time. But after inculcating meditation and deep breathing in my routine, I became a superhuman. My mental focus has exploded. I have felt the blissful rain of gratitude and positivity. Meditation is a boon, and I am looking forward to expanding its timing in my routine.


I think everyone is different and everyone has different opinions & perspectives.

These five habits drastically changed my life. It’s not like I didn’t know them, but I didn’t try them. They have helped me to be more productive. You don’t have to try every habit, find the habit that pleases you the most, and try implementing them into your routine.

Until then, stay blessed and Good luck.

About the Author

Hey, My name is Gaurav Ghauri. I am a passionate blogger and a freelance content writer. I love writing. That’s why I always keep a journal with myself to write down my thoughts. I helped people all over the world through my self-improvement blog Zero To Hero




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