How to Achieve Naturally Healthy Hair

Between blow-drying, straightening and dyeing, our hair deserves a medal for all that we put it through. Even though we all have different hair types and textures, we all want to achieve that look of healthy, beautiful locks. With all the kinds of products and work, we put our hair through, investing in a healthy and natural routine is the surest way to give you the best kind of hair possible! Here are 3 ways for you to achieve healthy hair the natural way.

Skip the Heat:

We’re all guilty of applying heat to our hair every now and then. Whether it’s blow-drying your hair before you head to the office or straightening or curling your hair for a night out on the town. Even though applying heat often gives us the look we were going after, it can leave damaging effects to your hair. Not only can it cause dehydration within your hair follicles that lead to frizzy, straw-like feeling hair, but it can also cause significant protein damage that can affect the strength, shine and texture of your hair.

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There are solutions that can protect your hair as much as possible. If there’s no wiggle room for you to swap out heat products, make sure to apply a heat protectant thoroughly throughout your hair. Doing so will provide moisture to your hair that will lead to less dehydration. You can also swap out the blow-dryer for a specially made hair towel or a simple tee shirt. Microfiber towels and a plain tee shirt both offer textures that will allow your hair to dry in a timely manner and reduce any breakage or damage.

Use Safe Hair Dyes:

We all like to give ourselves a new look every once in a while. Although this can be done through our makeup or changing up our closet, giving yourself a brand-new hair color is the best way to really show off a new look. It comes as no surprise that every woman wants to have the highest self-esteem possible and adding a bright new hue is the perfect way to do so. In fact, a study showed that 80% of women feel that their hair can influence their attitude. But what people don’t think about are the chemicals that are included in these hair dyes. Often, hair dyes are filled with chemicals that can have an effect on our hair as well as our overall health. For example, commonly included hair dye ingredient, ammonia, can be a potential endocrine disruptor along with being an asthma and respiratory irritant. In order to avoid any possible health side effects and to achieve the safest color possible for your hair, look into alternative hair dyes that are natural and certified vegan. When looking for your next hair color, search for companies that are vegan and PETA certified. Just like when eating organic food, using organic hair dye will give you and your hair the healthiest feeling possible.

 Use Natural Ingredients:

Is there a better way to achieve healthy hair than by using natural ingredients? Many of the best kind of natural ingredients for your hair are ones that you will find already in your home. Coconut oil, for example is a commonly used ingredient for both the hair and the kitchen. Not only can it provide shine, but it increases protein and strength for your hair. Avocado oil is another great applicant for your hair. With sources of vitamin B and E, avocado oil can serve as a wonderful leave-in-conditioner while providing a large amount of shine to your hair. Rosemary is another great ingredient to add to your hair routine. The popularly used Italian herb/oil has been used to help promote hair growth and can easily be mixed into your shampoo and conditioner bottles if you want to encourage hair gain.

You can easily apply these kinds of oils directly into your hair or go the extra step and make a DIY hair mask. The hair masks that you apply will vary depending on what specifically you want to treat but there are several DIY hair masks available that only require a couple of ingredients. They’ll be so easy to make; healthy hair will have never seemed so possible!

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