How to Be Sober Fast

Wanting to be sober as fast as you can – can mean two things. It’s either you want to sober up after having one too many drinks the night before or you already want to be sober for life and give up your drinking habits. Well, either way, these are good things to want since alcohol does not offer any great benefit to you and to your body. And being sober is just the proper thing to do when you already had enough.

But, how can you be sober instantly?

Apparently, there no such thing as being sober quickly or instantly. As it happens, it will take time for you to sober up. And whether you mean it like you want to quit for good or you just want to skip experiencing the hang over, both of these things take time.

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Nevertheless, here are some effective things that you can do to be sober fast:

Start Drinking Coffee

When you want to be sober as fast as you can the day after drinking too much alcohol, you can start your day by drinking coffee. Keep in mind that alcohol is a huge downer. So, drinking it will make you feel down, stressed, and restless. Whereas coffee, is an energy booster. And starting your day after with a coffee can help you get up with much more energy.

As for sobering up for good, drinking coffee and tea instead of alcoholic drinks can help too. In fact, sober living Colorado movement recommends this as this has been found to be effective.

Take a Cold Shower

Almost everyone has already experienced being drunk the night before due to certain events or reasons. And being drunk the night before can mean intense hangover the next day. So, if you want to get up and be sober the next day, you may want to have a shower or a bath that involves cold water.

Apparently, cold water can totally wake up all your nerves and your mind in the morning. Hence, this can help you be more energetic even when you had a few drinks the night or day before.

Mindfulness Eating

Mindfulness eating is also a great way to sober up. This is why many people who drank one too many tend to eat afterwards. And it’s all because eating the right foods can highly boost your system and make you feel sober. A little hot soup on the side with veggies and other organic foods as your main dish, this will help you feel sober after.

Yoga and Meditation

Mindfulness eating is also the same as having yoga and meditation. In essence, when you do one of these things, you allow yourself to be mindful of your activities and actions. It will help you to be more present holistically, thus, preventing you from thinking that you are still hungover.

As for when doing yoga, it helps your blood to circulate properly. And when this happens, you will feel more energy rushing through your veins in all parts of your body. This will also cause you to secrete all the alcohol that you drank.

Exercise Will Play a Key Role

Just like yoga, your body will thank you if you choose to exercise to be sober. And this is because you will secrete all the components of alcohol which will definitely wash away the alcohol toxins in your body. As a result, you will feel sober much faster than the usual.

On the other hand, when you aim to be sober for good and quit your drinking habits, exercising plays an important role. This is because when you invest yourself in exercising and living a healthy lifestyle, you will, more or less, find it hard to fill yourself again with alcoholic drinks and beverages.

Body Rest – Appropriate Sleep Is a Must

Resting and having proper sleep is one of the best ways to sober up. This will give your body time to heal from all the toxins that you ingested and consumed. Apparently, sleeping is a form of healing that your body naturally does on a daily basis. So, if you want to sober fast, you must observe proper rest and sleep. And this is a must because alcohol causes damages to your body.

Stick With Your Routine

Having a daily routine can help you be sober for good. And whether it’s a simple activity like cooking or cleaning or even having your scheduled baths, sticking to these routines of yours will definitely prevent you from drinking. This is because you are being mindful already of your actions. And once you are aware of the present moment and you are focused on your goals, it will be difficult for you to break your apparent aspirations.

Ultimately, being sober is very difficult. And there is no doubt about that. But even so, these easy yet effective ways to sober up can help you. Even if you are just wanting sober up the next day or hoping to be sober for the rest of your days, following these simple tips will help.


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