How to Boost Self-Esteem with 10 Positive Ways

Self-Esteem is an ability of how you look at yourself, by loving, taking care, and respecting yourself first. Caring and showing affection towards people surrounding you is secondary. It is a feeling of how you think about yourself and not what others think about you. High self-esteem helps you grow, by making you realize your abilities and true potential by creating a sense of self-worth.

Why Boost Self-Esteem?

There is a time in almost everyone’s life, where they go through a phase of low self-esteem. You start to doubt your abilities and try to come under the influence of what other people think or say about you. The issues arising out of low self-esteem are listed below:

  1.   Paying attention to your weaknesses.
  2.   Frequent episodes of depression and anxiety.
  3.   Starting to hate yourself.
  4.   Having that “good for nothing” feeling.
  5.   Struggling to say NO.
  6.   Becoming hard for you to keep up with relationships.
  7.   Easily getting angry, frustrated, or irritated.
  8.   Becoming highly sensitive to other people’s opinions.

The prolonged consequences of low self-esteem can be self-destructive if they are not overcome at the right time. But, using positive techniques regularly can solve this problem and help to improve your self-esteem.

10 Positive Ways to Boost your Self-Esteem

  1.   Take out time to count your accomplishments: It is important to end your day, by concentrating on and celebrating the accomplishments that you have achieved in the entire day. This way, you start to focus more on your strengths rather than the weakness and this helps to raise your self-esteem.
  2.   Practice positive self-talk and affirmations: Making your inner self realize its power, is the best way to build your self-esteem.  For example, trying affirmations like, “I am a Powerful Soul”, “I am Capable and Worthy” and many such positive statements are helpful in case of self-doubt or anxiety and depression.
  3.   Surround yourself with people who matter to you the most: It is very important, to surround yourself with people, who try to bring out the best in you. They will always try to motivate you and encourage you to do the good thing, thus helping you to boost your self-esteem.
  4.   Stop Comparing yourself with others: Comparison kills self-growth and creates self-doubt. When you compare yourself with people surrounding you, you start to doubt your capabilities and it hampers your overall growth. So, accept yourself as you are and keep moving ahead.
  5.   Raise your voice and say NO: It’s ok to say NO if you think, the situation or the person is not right for you. By doing this, you are making yourself open to more good opportunities and the things which you are willing to do the most.
  6.   Be kind towards yourself: Shower love and affection on yourself first, before thinking about others. Pamper yourself with luxuries and good food. Take care of your body and most importantly, your inner self.
  7.   Follow your passion: Your passion or hobbies, make you feel good about yourself and take away your fears and worries. It also plays an important role in your overall personal growth and builds healthy self-esteem.
  8.   Help others to learn something new: It is said that knowledge is worth sharing with others. Help others to learn something which they are not aware of. This way you are helping them to grow and at the same time, you are proving to yourself how unique and an amazing person you are.
  9.   Smile please: Smiling is a great stress reliever,  and it helps to develop a positive relationship with your inner self. So, wear that smile every time on your face.
  10. Get your body moving: Exercise not only helps to tone your body, but it also helps to improve the focus in your life by achieving small goals. Exercising regularly by setting goals helps to boost your self-esteem, and make you realize that you are capable of achieving anything you desire for.


Boosting self-esteem is not a one-day thing. It requires regular practice and patience. There will be ups and downs in your life, and many times there will be a problem of low self-esteem. But, it is only you who is responsible to make yourself realize that you are a beautiful, unique, and talented creation on this planet earth.

About the Author

Sonam Rathore is a former Engineering Assistant Professor turned Digital Marketer. She is also a blogger and creative writer. She blogs about Self-Growth and Positivity. You can follow her social media accounts:





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