How to Create a Great Day

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We all know what’s the difference between experiencing a great day and a day that is not so great, but what most people don’t realize is their own power in creating their day.

You are the creator of your own reality, you are the creator of your minutes, days, months, years-your life. You do that by focusing your energy. By giving your attention to something you are literally creating your next experience, which when it manifests, will feel the same way you felt when you were pondering it in the first place. Whatever you focus upon, the Law of Attraction will support and bring you more of the same. The key is in understanding how to be a deliberate instead creator by default.

In the morning when you first awake, where do you flow your thoughts first? Probably to something or someone bothered you yesterday, or you go straight to your to do list and start your day with the energy of overwhelm.

How to Deliberately Create a Great Day

No matter how your day was yesterday, or what you think you need to accomplish today, you could have a great day if you approach it even slightly different.

In the morning, while you are still in your bed, you could decide that you are going to have a great day. You will feel empowered and be inspired to set energy into motion for a great day. Now, the Law of Attraction will support your vibration of empowerment and bring you more that.

Making up your mind and decisions is powerful, it is literally telling the Universe what you want from an empowered stance, where there is little or no resistance within you. This is the key to manifesting- you need to have a strong desire and not block it with resistant thoughts.

Other few things you could do in the morning to create a great day are appreciation and meditation. By listing things in your mind you appreciate about your life, or simply basking in the comfort of your bed and appreciating that is so powerful. Appreciation is the highest vibration in the Universe, and if you would hold that vibration for not even few minutes in the morning, your day would go in a complete different direction, the Law of Attraction would bring you more things to appreciate.

Meditation is like resetting and opening yourself to new things and experiences. Like when you were little, you feel eager for what’s next. You don’t bring yesterday into your today. Your perspective is fresh. By quieting your mind you return to your source of being which is your True-Self and everything is adventure now.

I hope this has inspired you to create one great day for yourself today and every day.

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