How To Fix Your Small Talk Game And Make Every Day A Little Better

How do you feel about small talk? It’s a nuisance, right? Of course – that’s what everyone thinks (except that one guy who’s always next to you in the queue at the supermarket).

Not only does it take up precious time with remarkably little ‘content,’ it makes the introverted half of us feel awkward and inadequate, while apparently making the other half feel ten times more charming and fascinating than they are (at least until they get home and have the chance to reflect on how they hate themselves just as much as we all do).

It seems like it would be all-round ideal if we could do away with small talk altogether. But we can’t. There are good reasons for this: aside from the impracticality of enforcing a worldwide small talk ban, it’s actually quite good for us. It’s how we bond. It’s how we learn about each other. And even if it seems like torture, it’s how we develop that sense of community that’s so sorely lacking to make the world a better place.

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So here’s a thing: instead of hating on small talk, fearing it, or spending more than reasonable amounts of daily energy avoiding it, how about just getting better at it?

It’s just another person on the other end of that tiny conversation, right? And they’re probably dreading it as much as you. So instead of pelting them with prepared soundbites about the weather or sports, try slowing down to listen to what they have to say. Instead of racing ahead trying to find a response to what they’re saying right now, actually listen to it. Think about it. And don’t be ashamed of silence.

If it sounds easier said than done, it’s true that it requires effort and practice. But the chat experts at OnStride are on hand with a complete visual guide on how to improve your small talk game.

There’s no escaping small talk. Learn to love it, and you can make your daily life a million times more tolerable.

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