How to Get Rid of Your Ego   

If you are no longer a child, it’s time to talk about your ego.

As we grow older and develop our intelligence -socially and emotionally, our character also starts to form and mold our personality. However, at a very young age, we are not trapped by our ego. Children are not scared to express their emotions, to say what they think and to show what they feel. I have found out that the freedom of losing oneself is something a lot of people avoid once they reached adulthood and the main reason is to protect them from being getting hurt.

We can say that this is more of a sign of weakness than strength. As we grow older and older, our mind starts to work and our ego starts to grow and begin to take control of our life and our thoughts. We try to adapt to different situations to feel worthy and accepted. We are here to learn, to experience, to develop nurturing relationships with our higher self and to find our purpose.  Here are the 6 techniques to learn how to get rid of your egos and enjoy life:-

1.    Learn how to forgive and let go.

As a human being, one of the most precious things we have is forgiving others. If we want to get rid of our egos, we have to learn how to forgive people who hurt us. But in order to forgive others, we should learn how to forgive ourselves first. We all know that as a human, forgiving the person who hurt us is a very difficult thing to do but we have to accept the situation and letting go of all the things that made us feel unworthy and keep moving forward. We should not create room for negativity and rather create room for happiness. This will make our life a lot easier and happier.

2.    Start practicing honesty and being open.

We need to have the courage, to tell the truth even if it is difficult. The truth sets us free from our emotions that can turn into depression, anxiety, etc. Honesty provides us with the freedom to be connected with people around us and even ourselves. We have to be true to ourselves. That will help us to avoid pretending to be something that we are not. In order to practice honesty, we have to open up and learn how to say ‘NO’ to the things that do not add value to our lives and run towards things that will help us build our potentiality.

3.    Learn how to enjoy the time of isolation.

We have to learn how to enjoy silent moments with ourselves. We have to learn how to appreciate the things that

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we have, the people that are with us. We have to keep reminding ourselves that you are value and your company is enough without thinking about others perception regarding being alone as the feeling of wanting to be alone is completely different from being lonely.

4.    Killing your pride before it kills you.

Your insecurities are concealed by your pride. There are many cases where ones lose the things that they love because of their pride. In order to kill pride, we have to learn how to open up and let things down. Everyone has our pride whether we flaunt it or not. It is mostly an inward issue that we need to take care before it kills us. It is the feeling where you keep yourself greater than others; it makes a person stubborn and being cruel to others.  You have to get rid of your ego to do this.

5.    Stop trying to be the center of attraction.

Everyone wants to be the center of attraction even you say it or not. Everyone wants to be at the top of the pyramid, although that comes with a price. Usually, people at the center are those people with a strong personality, this does not mean that having a strong personality is harm. Rather, this comes with a form of pride and high self-esteem to others. Sometimes it is better to watch from the sides instead of the center as it provides a better and broader view.

6.    Avoid self-pity.

Self-pity lies to you about who you are and takes away what you can achieve and who you can be and gives us sadness. If you are unhappy with your current condition, you may have a short leg, small eyes, and a big head, why not do something about it? Make different choices, if you just sit around and complain that you have a shorter leg than the models you have seen on magazines that will only make it harder and more difficult for you. If you live your life envying others, yes, life will be unfair for you and often painful to live your life. Self-pity is the most harmful of the narcotics; it is also the most destructive mental issues that separate the person from reality. When you get rid of your ego, there is little self-pity.


From the points that I mentioned above, we can conclude that your ego is one of the worst poisons and the greatest villain of our life. The pride you had in you closes the gate of your future success and the downfall to your personal relationships. I think that a lot of time people are generous to whom they pity and find faults to whom they see as better than themselves.

Will you be good to someone whom you think is so much better than you are or is so much richer than you? Is that true goodness or are you kissing their ass? When we talk about boosting egos it usually means increasing self-confidence and self-importance. Raise your mindset dictating that compassion and sympathy are qualities that are accompanied by pride because you are aware that bending down makes you a good person. Thus, your ego is gratified.

About the Author

Vivek Roy is an enthusiastic Yoga blogger and Traveller from India. He has done yoga teacher training in India. He loves to travel and share the knowledge of yoga around the world. For more information about him visit his website.


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