How to Plan Your Day for a Good Day

happiness2By MJ Schrader —

Perhaps you remember the choose your adventure stories from your youth. While those were adventure books for youth, you choose your adventure each and every day. The choices you make early in the day can change your adventure for the rest of the day, maybe even the week.

What adventure is in my day?

Every morning you wake up and start a routine full of choices and you plan your day. If you stub your toe getting up, you may decide this is the start of a bad day. Perhaps you decide a bit later when you find there is no coffee, or find yourself stuck in a traffic jam. Perhaps now you decide it is official you are having a bad day. But that was your choice.

What is wrong with saying this is a bad day?

When you decide it is a bad day, you look for things that are not good. You may even miss the good things that happen during the day because you expect a bad day. Unfortunately you do not expect the good and expect the bad instead and then you find it.

What is your plan for a good day?

If you are expecting a bad day, you are not planning for a good day. If you look for reasons to not be happy then you should not be surprised to have a bad day. Start your morning by looking for the good. You may have stubbed your toe, but you have a nice bed to sleep in, the traffic jam gives you time to enjoy your radio.

Are you planning for a good day?

You can plan a good day. When you start your day by making plans for a good day you can find more throughout the day. Enjoying your life and your life in the moment you will find more happiness now.

Where are you today?

You can not change the past. If you stubbed your toe getting up, you can not change that. You can change what happens now. Worrying about the future is not going to help you have a good time now or enjoy the moment.

Can you change things?

Decide what you can change. You can not change the traffic jam, but you can listen to something educational while waiting. You can not change things outside of your control, like how another person feels that day. How you respond to that person is in your control. You can also choose to hug your family and friends.

What do you see?

If you want to plan a good day then look around yourself. Look for the beauty and the wonder in the world. Look for all the things you have to be thankful for that is in around you and your world. When you see the good in the world it will be much easier to have a good day.

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