If you have kids or teach kids you need this . . .

Eric Putnam can teach you how to help your kids behave. No Joke!

Eric will by my guest on The Self Improvement Radio Show on December 9th at 12 noon PST ( p.m. EST) and give you tools and guidelines to help your kids be happier and more in control of their own behavior.

In over a decade working with children, families and teachers, Eric has worked with a wide range of behavior problems including some of the most severe behavioral reactions from children who have been severely abused and neglected. Through the years, Eric has recognized a gradual shift in mental health services from dysfunction oriented to one of prevention. While a focus on prevention is one moving in the right direction, Eric supports a growing movement of yet another needed shift in service focus and delivery known as positive psychology.

Independence Behavioral Coaching was created to fill the needs of a growing number of families and teachers for positive support services provided directly in the home and/or at school directly where difficult behaviors are occurring. Behavioral coaching focuses on learning, performance efficiency and overall growth of the child and family. The behavioral coach gathers information about the child such as temperament, potential barriers within the environment and on specific targeted behaviors that are causing the child to struggle at home, in the school and/or in certain social situations.

Eric Putnam, MA, LAC, received his M.A. in Applied Sociology from Northern Arizona University in 1994 and a M.A. in Professional Counseling from Ottawa University in 2004. He was the Clinical Director of CPS Crisis Stabilization Services at TERROS, INC for almost five years working with highly abused and neglected children exhibiting severely destructive behaviors.

When not working, Eric enjoys spending time with his wife, Tara, daughters Ashlyn and Makenna, and son, Drew. Eric enjoys playing with his children and eating sushi with his wife and most of all sometimes just being silly.

At 12 noon, PST you can CLICK HERE to listen to the live broadcast.

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