Diet after diet and no weight loss? Read this

By Irene Conlan –

Yesterday on The Self Improvement Show I talked with Brittany Watkins who has a weight loss program that uses EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique a.k.a. tapping). If you have a moment, listen to the show because she gives such valuable information. Her program is called “Skinny Genes” and under that program is “Kick Your Cravings to the Curb, ” a multimedia workshop that helps people get in control of cravings and learn to eat in a healthy way.

Brittany said that of the thousands of women (and some men) who have worked with her program she is not aware of anyone who didn’t experience success. And even more remarkable is that once they lost their weight, the did not regain it. Those of you out there who have tried every diet available and gained weight on them need to take a look at this.

EFT or tapping sounds “weird” to some and they are nervous about looking into it. It is based on the use of  acupressure and psychology and is scientifically sound. Don’t be afraid of it. It’s easy to learn and easy to do. And…it works.  I have never heard of ANY weight loss program that had the kind of results Brittany speaks of. Her whole 6 week workshop costs less than one month on a program like Jenny Craig or Medifast.

I don’t want to make this so long that you don’t have time to check it out. So do that now.  Read the material, listen to the audios, view the videos and, by all means, sign up for “Kick the Cravings to the Curb.”  I do not profit from your joining. I’m telling you about this program because it has such a high success rate and I truly understand the problem.

In Brittany’s words, “Set yourself up for success.”


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