Inner Prosperity Is A Dynamic Law Part 1

Inner Prosperity is a dynamic law that has immediate and astounding results. What you have in your life today, was inside you at one point in time. This may sound strange but it is true. You are pregnant today with what will be in your life tomorrow, your future. You will live up to what is on the inside of you. Here is an example:

Your boss may think you are worth $10 an hour. Or maybe your company says you are worth  $30k a year. So you mold your choices, thoughts, feelings around, What Others Think you are worth.

The dynamic law of inner prosperity means you decide what your value is. When you decide your value, everything and everyone around you will change. Sounds funny, but people will say to you, you are different, what has happened? Your value begins to increase, at work at home…

I was at a hardware store figuring out what kind of wood floor I wanted. A guy I had never seen before came over and said, I would like to offer you a job. I will pay you $15 an hour. Out of curiosity I asked, what kind of work is it? Then I said, I don’t know how to lay wood floors. He said I will teach you, and I will make it $20 an hour. I had never seen this guy in my life and he offers me a nice paying job.

I said, you are kidding? He said, when can you start. I said, you do not even know me. Then he said something that got my juices flowing. He said, when I saw you, there was just something about you. I said thanks, but did not take the job!

Wow, talk about immediate results. I had just started practicing what I am saying in this article, Inner Prosperity, it really is a dynamic law. So, as you apply this law, when can you expect results? Immediately!  Remember, all  true laws or principles begin to work the moment they are put into place.

Negative people lack inner prosperity. I remember complaining that I could never get ahead. Every time I would get some extra money, I just knew that something would break down, and I would be broke again. I was getting behind on everything. No matter what I did, I could not get ahead, more money was never enough to stop the bleeding, let alone get ahead.

I was pregnant with, not enough. I was full of, lack and scarcity. It consumed me.I thought about it all the time, debt, bills, not enough. Then I discovered that the issue was not on the outside, it was on the inside. I was seeing lack, not enough, everywhere I looked.

I discovered inner prosperity and it’s dynamics. Things changed or did they? I started seeing abundance all around, I mean everywhere. I literally became pregnant with abundance. Yea, yea I know, I am a man, but you get my point. My mind was no longer a junk yard. I let all the negative stuff go like, how will I pay… there is not enough…what if…. I let it all go, and I focused on discovering my true value, not what others thought I was worth.

Prosperity loves speed and rewards those that take action. Hard to believe prosperity can activated in one day let alone 29 seconds. If you are ready to set prosperity in motion visit Prosperity Secrets Unplugged today!

Anthony Kollar

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