Is There a Link Between Happiness and Health?

By Tracey Durrani –

My long time friend of over 20 years… maybe 25 lol, I lost count, was recently diagnosed with cancer and I just finished text messaging with her while she was getting her chemo radiation. She told me that she was not going to think negatively anymore about past experiences and once she got through this year she was going to make drastic changes to her life starting next year! She said that she wanted to focus on “herself” and start doing things that fulfilled her needs instead of everyone elses first! She then went on to say, that she was going to be “happy” with all that she had in life and not focus on what she didn’t have and wished that she did. You see for a few years now she has been very unhappy and depressed! She has 3 kids and is a stay at home mom who put her life and career on hold to raise her kids!

The best advice I could have given her was that she needs to start living her life this way this very second and not wait another minute longer!! She said, “I know but I just want to get through this chemo first, focus on getting better and then make next year a great year!”

The complete opposite is what she needs to do I told her! Her body cannot heal itself if she is still stuck in negative vibrational energy! Most people live for the “when I finish this, I’ll be happy” or “when I get married, then I’ll be happy” or “when I make more money I will be happy” it doesn’t work like that because you will always be chasing happiness and you will never catch it!

What you need and must do is live your life everyday and do all the things that bring pleasure to you and then and only then will you catch up to “Happiness”. The law of attraction states that “like attracts like” so if you are constantly in a state of negative energy than you will only attract negative energy, not allowing any happiness to come to you.

I went on to tell her that she has so much to be happy and grateful in her life right now! Yes, she is going through a horrible time with battling cancer and chemo treatments and feeling sick for days after BUT she has life right now and she is surviving! There are people who don’t get that chance and are diagnosed with cancer and several weeks or months later have lost the battle leaving loved ones saying goodbye far too early!

I know staying positive and having positive thoughts is challenging when you are going through a difficult or tragic time in your life but it is essential if you want to survive and find happiness. One technique I shared with her to help her stay positive is to say out loud or jot down five things she is grateful for everyday. She could start by being thankful for the scientists that invented the chemo treatments that have given her hope and a chance at survival or she could say out loud thank goodness I am feeling sick from the radiation for days after because I am still alive!

They may seem like silly things to be grateful for since most people would be feeling down or upset that they have to go through the treatments and feel tired but let me tell you being grateful for small things works! It shifts your energy from positive to negative and since our bodies are composed of energy, staying in positive healing energy is crucial to our health and well-being. As long as the cells in our body are vibrating in a positive way then the cancer cells have nothing to feed on. Since they have no negative energy to feed off of they cannot grow and multiply… but eventually must die!

Live your life today and don’t wait for the “someday” that will never come! Make today “SOMEDAY” and do one thing for yourself that you wouldn’t normally do! You only have one chance at life, there are no do-overs so make every day count!

Tracey Cooper-Durrani

The Happy Mom

Remember that happiness can be yours with the right mindset and tools. Download a free Ebook at and discover the keys to lasting health, wealth and happiness.

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