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Is Your Effort Your Best Effort?

businessBy Richard Brody –

How often have you heard someone say that they were trying their hardest, or giving their best effort? We even witness individuals using a variation of this by saying that they are efforting something! However, the reality is that there is often a huge difference between someone giving an effort and someone whose effort has meaning and impact because of how someone proceeds to accomplish what he wishes to get done. The level of our effort and the eventual results generally depend on our personal commitment, combined with positive attitude, and willingness to go outside of our comfort zone to do things in a more meaningful and usually more successful and meaningful manner.

1. How committed are you towards achieving the results you claim you are seeking? Do you simply talk the talk, or does your walk go along with that talk? Is it merely effort (meaning that you are trying), or will you commit to your highest level of excellence, using your strengths to their maximum potential, while addressing and improving in those areas of weakness, etc? How committed are you? Will you merely accept a level of marginal effort that leads to a mediocre performance, or will you actually strive to be the best that you can be?

2. Nothing personally meaningful or impactful will ever occur to the maximum potential level unless one addresses his attitude, proceeding with a positive self – talk level that drives you to do your best every time. Those who don’t focus on their attitudes will rarely achieve because they are consistently holding themselves back by doubting, procrastinating, and being afraid to fully challenge themselves to become better.

3. Unless someone expands his comfort zone, and proceeds forward even when he must do things that he fears or has some discomfort with, he will never achieve his maximum level or potential for personal and meaningful excellence. In most cases, that comfort zone is a form of self – restriction that creates a form of building a wall around our potential, and limiting our potential and abilities. We must accept the fact that a comfort zone is not truly about being comfortable, but rather a concession to settling to be less than we can be.

It’s never enough to merely make a limited form of effort, and simply doing as little as possible to get acceptable results. We must possess a high enough opinion of ourselves to never give any less than our absolute best efforts, and never just go through the motions!

Richard has owned businesses, been a COO, CEO, and Director of Development, as well as a consultant. He has professionally run events, consulted to over a thousand leaders, and conducted personal development seminars, for over 30 years. Rich has written three books and well over a thousand articles. His company, PLAN2LEAD, LLC has an informative website:

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