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Laughing Matters

There is so much power and effectiveness in laughter. Very few people realize this. Some people are so bogged down with the cares of life that it’s really frustrating for them to see others happy. However, nothing can be more healing than laughter, even when you are going through life challenges. Merriment has the ability to steer you into a happy place. That’s the place you go to when life is not playing fair. Laughter does not take away the challenges you face, but it does help to ease the anxiety, worry, and despondency-everything that comes to keep you down while you go through your storms. Laughter is so effective that it is encouraged even in the medical world. It has a number of health benefits, and happens to be very therapeutic for patients. No wonder the bible endorses it as being good medicine. It is good because of the results that it yields to those who embrace it.

Find Your Happy

When you maintain your happy, your response to challenges and adversity tends to take a very different, but positive path. This route makes it easier to see the positive side of any affliction. This is simply because you refuse to let the negative overtake you, but instead choose to focus on the positive. It can be very difficult to find a positive in a negative situation, but the truth is, the positive is always there. You just have to distance yourself from the negativity to find it. Laughter is the key. It is the vehicle that drives you away from the situation long enough to view whatever you’re going through from a different perspective.

Why Choose to Be Happy?

Indeed, being happy is a choice. You have been created with the power to withstand anything or anyone who come against your happy. Understand that when I say “your happy”, I mean your peace, your laughter, or whatever you do to maintain your happiness-even in the midst of a life crises. You have the choice to reject or accept your happiness as a means to assist you with life’s woes. Happiness is a gift that is accompanied by laughter. Understand that the both will stand alone just fine, but together, they complement each other. Choose to be happy no matter what, and embrace laughter.

The Benefits of Laughter

Laughter makes you look younger. Your facial muscles are at work in the process which causes an increased flow of blood throughout the face. When proper circulation flows effectively, even in the small capillaries, it results in a youthful healthy look.

Laughter also plays a major role in your body and mind. It revives it due to increased oxygen flow around the body when air is thrust from your lungs.

Laughter, moreover, helps form resilience in tough situations. As you laugh through your challenges, it helps you to retain mobility in situations that would normally leave you stuck and unable to maneuver through it. There’s nothing worse than trying to solve a problem while feeling stressed.

Laughter has other health benefits associated with it such as reduced blood pressure, stress, and heart disease. Laughter even manages to help reduce pain. It develops pain tolerance and effortlessly works to improve your health as compared to being stressed, sad, and gloomy.

Laughter Strengthens Relationships

Amusement has a way of assisting with establishing bonds with groups and individuals when you laugh together. This is primarily due to the empathy hormone which releases oxytocin. A little laughter is very effective. As you can see, it has the power to help encourage stronger relationships.

It’s Contagious!

Laughter is much like a disease. It’s contagious! What sick person wouldn’t want to contract this disease? What despondent person wouldn’t want to come down with this bug? A depressed person would likely welcome it! When you laugh, you touch those around you. You lift the spirits of others, and you add some spice to one’s day. Ultimately, when you laugh, you manage to make challenges appear less challenging for you and for others.

The gift of laughter is effective and it’s powerful. I challenge you to make a choice to laugh and be happy-in spite of what life throws your way. When you do, you’ll find that to every challenge and adversity, there is a positive side. You’ll also find that you can inadvertently affect some else’s day while diligently enriching yours. Choose to laugh and be happy!

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