Living a Seize the Day Life

By W TiSunrisemothy Johnson –

Carpe’ Diem. Seize the Day. This is a motto that cries out that you are an achiever and a doer. You aren’t one who sits on your butt and waits for something to happen.

For those seeking opportunities and looking to create a better life, there really is no other motto to live by. For us it means to take advantage of the opportunities we encounter. It is about being open to opportunity, recognizing it and acting. It’s a life that says we have no limits we recognize.

It is also about making the most of your life, even in bad times. The economy can be bad or good and it won’t matter. It’s an attitude that says, “I will NOT surrender! I may not win, but I will NEVER give up!” Someone who lives by this motto will live life with zest and gusto. They may not always be jovial, but you’ll rarely see them in a down mood, because to them, there’s nothing to be down about.

They have a life that is oriented around certain behaviors and attitudes that create a different outlook on life than most people have. They are interested in other people and what’s going on in their lives. They tend to be active in their communities, because they genuinely like others and want to be around them. These people tend to light up a room when they walk in it. They do not fear life.

Economically, these people are not so much concerned about the overall economy. Instead they are focused on their own part of it and their own community. They refuse to participate in recessions and just move forward in their lives.

Notice that. They “refuse to participate.” Does that sound crazy to you? I bet it might. If there is a recession, how can you refuse to participate in reality? Well, a recession doesn’t mean that no one is working and no companies are making profits or hiring. It might mean that for many or even most. A recession is an overall slowing or shrinking of the national economy. Not all sectors or geographic areas will experience this though. Some will have growth and others will have an even worse time.

Those who seize the day just continue with their plans. They adjust for current conditions and move on. They don’t get paralyzed by conditions, they act.

Make a commitment right now to seize the day.

Decide to go forward in your plans to achieve success and access opportunity. Refuse to participate in recessions. Refuse to participate in being paralyzed by the actions of others.

Seize the day.

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