Why You Need to “Speek and Right Good” to Portray the Best Version of You

Let me rewrite that title—Why You Need to Speak and Right Well in Business and Elsewhere to Portray the Best Version of You. I hope that title shocked you into reading this. I suppose that if you don’t recognize how truly awful that title is, you won’t want to read about it, but you should. Using good grammar both in speaking and writing can make or break your business endeavors and alliances as well as  personal relationships. It helps you portray the best version of you.

This was brought to my attention this week in graphic ways and made me realize just how important it is.

As some of you know, I am in the process of expanding my home based business and have been working to learn all the nuances of Internet/Social Media Marketing. (I am using MLSP (My Lead System Pro, a business that has impeccable presentations).

I have been working with a number of social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to see which efforts yield the best results. Because of these efforts I have seen a marked increase in email from those who want to “help me” build my business by using their services.  I have received mail that had multiple words missing or misspelled. I deleted most of these messages before I finished reading them. My questions is, “Do they do business in the same sloppy way they design their mail?” I don’t want to find out.

Grammatical Errors

Missing and misspelled words were bad enough but the grammatical errors were worse. The speaker in a number of Webinars I watched, murdered the language. I know this sounds picky and I expect some slips when the presentation is live and extemporaneous.  But, there are limits. For example:

They’ve all went to social media to find new customers…

I feel badly when you don’t see results using my system…

Those whom have used our software…

And also, too… (This one really irks me).

I can ignore a few of these, but if a speaker has one error after another I have a difficult time hearing what it is that he’s trying to say or buying what it is he’s trying to sell.

Written Communication

Written communication has been no better. This week alone I have received email, inquiries and sales letters that made my head spin. Here are examples from just a few of them:

Please check out our website. If you go their you will find…

Our product is far more better than our closest competitor…

We absolutely guarantee our product.  (What is the guarantee? What happens if it doesn’t work? What happens if I don’t like it? What happens if I send it back? Do I get my money back?)

I would love to write an article for your blog. I have wrote for other publications…

Here again, one or two errors can be overlooked. Those of you who do a lot of writing know that proofreading your own material is a most difficult task. It’s hard to see the errors in your own work. A careful reading of your work, however, will at least catch the major mistakes in both grammar and spelling. (Spell check will not catch errors with words like their/there, your/yore, then/than, etc.)

Your Personal Life

Let’s talk about dating sights. Below are the “real deal” quotes just as they appeared. When I see these I have to wonder if they put more thought into the relationship than they do into writing their profile. I certainly hope they do. These would keep me from responding.  What about you? The following quotes were copied directly from profiles:

Like quite evenings at home. . quite personality,

I am onely need some one to love I need a person that is agreable to this if you live close by call me or ill will pick you up give me a call some time in the future if possible

I” am the answer to woman’s being”

If I would have stayed off my motorcycle. Life would have been fine. I had to go, flipped it. Wound up with a broken back. I get around ok . yes, I am I A dimwit.

Lived back east , until 2006 left friends & some family .retired hear .would like to have friends to go places with etc.

The words you choose and the way you use them verbally or in writing can make the difference in whether you succeed or fail in business and in your personal life. Even in casual conversation, those who are generally grammatically correct will be the ones heard.

I recommend that, if you have trouble with grammar, you get something to help you. Below you will find a list of books available on Amazon as well as links to articles on the Internet.





Finally, if you are writing to sell products, an outstanding resource is Copy Writing Mastery by MLSP.

Tank U for reeding this to  the biter end.

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